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Old 04-14-2015, 09:35 AM
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Re: Eco-diesel trim levels vs the diesel competition

Originally Posted by Roadkill View Post
As a counterpoint, the adaptive cruise control is one of my favorite features of the Jeep, and I will never own another vehicle without it. I always hated having to break cruise because some jackass in front of me kept varying their speed. Now, I don't care because ACC keeps me at a safe distance from said variable jackass. This leads to far less stressful driving. You can control how much distance ACC keeps between you and the vehicle in front of you.

On top of that, peak hypermiling fun comes from ACC drafting tractor trailers.

The automatic high beam headlamps are kind of gimmicky though. I get flashed too often when I use them because it fails to detect vehicles. I prefer the MB approach of using beam carving instead.
I never thought I'd use/enjoy the ACC but on a the few longer trips I've taken so far ( >200 miles) I've found I really like and use it for most of the trip. Like you said, less stress.

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Old 04-14-2015, 09:43 AM
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My Jeep: 2016 6.4L WK2
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Re: Eco-diesel trim levels vs the diesel competition

I ordered a '14 Overland CRD mainly because I thought the summit had too much and the limited wasn't paint matched (personal preference for myself).

I mostly bought the jeep as a dog hauler, as my 2 seater was no longer a good idea. I like most of the tech on it, but I'd prefer to never own another vehicle with brake assist. It almost killed me several times (and or made me crap myself) within the first few weeks. I've had it turned off since then.
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Old 04-17-2015, 11:00 AM
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Re: Eco-diesel trim levels vs the diesel competition

Love my Summit...and like you, was debating between the Touareg and this vehicle. I just wasn't in a position to wait for the new Touareg to come out. Go to the ClubTouareg site and read about the notorious steering wheel shake. I would consider the car only when that has been cleared up.

I like everything about the Summit (Granite w/Platinum)...not too blingy for me with the subdued trim package. The sound system is simply awesome. I have a pair of 7 year olds so I did get the BluRay system which has been great for road trips. Worth it? Probably not, but it is a clean install and we do use it. ACC is fine but only great for certain conditions...I find the braking to be less than desireable...sometimes it comes on at the right time and other times it seems a bit harsh. I am certain they will refine the algorithm and it will improve in the newer model years to come. I wish the car had stop/start technology like the Touareg and handled a bit better on windy roads but it is a nice stable and efficient vehicle for my needs.
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Old 04-22-2015, 01:11 PM
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Re: Eco-diesel trim levels vs the diesel competition

I like and use all features except for Brake Assist - because in traffic when gaps between cars are tight, I *know* when there's enough room for me to get through a tight gap and I don't want Brake Assist to impede my progress. Sometimes Brake Assist is actually a safety hazard (!) because the traffic gap exists for a split second, and braking would put me in harm's way. Go figure, a safety feature actually being a hazard. Traffic can be bad in the SF Bay Area, but for those in more rural areas Brake Assist would probably be fine. For me, I've disabled it.

ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control. I love this feature. On long road trips on the open road it is great and there's no need for regular cruise control. Ever. In tight traffic I rarely use it, but either way, tight traffic or no, I would use ACC before choosing the regular CC. As for hypermiling behind a semi, I'll have to give that a try. When interstate traffic comes to a full stop, ACC slows my rig down all the way to a full stop, then automatically turns off after a second or so. ACC works great except on cloverleaf on/off ramps where the radius of curvature is small. Other than that ACC is a great feature once I learned what it does, what its limitations are, and when it does not function (tight radius, e.g.). I had to learn how to trust ACC, but now will never look back.

HDC: Hill Descent Control. Great great feature. Takes all the stress and work out of crawling down a steep slippery trail. Just use the shift paddles to adjust my speed, and gravity and HDC's brakes on the individual wheels and tranny gear lock do all the work. All I have to do is steer and paddle-shift. If you haven't tried HDC I strongly suggest you do when next out on the trails in 4-Lo. Find a muddy, slick, steep downhill, and try that run twice, HDC Off, then HDC On. You will see, it is a WORLD of a difference.

Heated & Vented Front Seats: love this feature, especially SWMBO sitting in the passenger seat.

Heated Steering Wheel: it's not that cold where I live so it's rarely used. Sometimes on chilly mornings it's cold enough to use, and I appreciate it. I haven't yet been on a road trip through the Sierras in winter, but I'm sure I would use this. On a side note, my motorcycle has heated seats and grips, and I do like and use them. I've ridden through snow storms, it can get cold. And on a bike, once you get cold, you stay cold while riding. There aren't many ways to generate heat while riding, other than doing squats. I could have done without the Heated Steering Wheel.

Sun Roof: love it.

20" wheels or 18" wheels? The Jeep salesman let me choose what I wanted. This was the toughest choice for me. I like the styling of the 20s, but also wanted the taller tires on the 18s for off-road capability. In the end I went with 20s because of the look, I really like this 5-spoke design. I can mount slightly taller tires and be okay off road. In the year since I bought my rig I've second-guessed myself a few times about this, but in the end I'm happy with the 20s. And I can't wait for the Forteras to wear out!

Quadra-Lift: I do occasional 4-wheeling and QL is good enough for what it does. It gives me a decent amount of extra clearance when needed, and yet my rig does not have a full-time lift kit so I can take my honey out to a nice dinner and we still look classy in our JGC without looking too country or too hick. At the push of a button, I get extra clearance. The ride is a little rough in ORA-II. I practice at Hollister Hills SVRA when I can, it's 90 minutes from home, and at the Obstacle Course there are two obstacles I remember from last year's 4X4 Safety Clinic: Frame Twister, and Stair Stepper.

Some videos (not my rig - these videos are cross posted to my Hollister Hills thread):

"Frame Twister"
(2 minutes, red Wrangler; annoying music, just mute it)

(5 minutes; older, lifted Grand Cherokee on "Frame Twister")

"Stair Stepper"
(30 seconds, '92 Explorer on "Stair Stepper")

To be able to do this on my stock JGC with /50 series street tires, in a rig that's able to take my babe out for a night on the town, or to drive comfortably across the country putting in 800+ mile days, is just great. Quadra-Lift gives me that extra capability.

I'll be back to Hollister Hills for another clinic next month and will get pictures and videos of my rig doing this. Anyone want to join? See here: Hollister Hills, Esprit de Four Safety Clinic?

But by far the best option on the JGC is the 3.0 CRD (EcoDiesel) engine. 420 foot-pounds of torque, it just pulls and pulls. I've towed a couple of cars up and over the Santa Cruz Mountains on Hwy 17 and the rig just pulls effortlessly. To have 600-700 mile range on a tankful is great, and I've posted these fuel economy figures before, but I'll say again that these are great numbers:
> 45 MPG @ 55 MPH
> 34 MPG @ 65 MPH
> 28 MPG @ 75 MPH
> 25 MPG @ 85 MPH
(Posted here on 19 Feb 2015: Eco Diesel Mileage)

Amazing fuel economy, in such a capable, versatile rig.

When buying I test drove the Touareg TDI; Porsche Cayenne diesel; BMW X5, X3 and X1; and some Land Rovers. And years ago I test drove the Touareg TDI V-10 but that's no longer available in California. In the end we got the Jeep and we've been very happy, minor bugs (P20EE) and all. I'd buy the JGC CRD again, in a heartbeat. But, without Brake Assist.

Apologies for the long post.
★ 2016 JGC CRD 3.0L V-6 WK2, QL, QD-II, ORA-II, Wrangler Duratrac 275/55-20 ★
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Old 06-11-2015, 10:31 PM
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Re: Eco-diesel trim levels vs the diesel competition

How did you get nav upgrade
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Old 06-13-2015, 09:19 AM
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Re: Eco-diesel trim levels vs the diesel competition

The only thing I would leave out is the CD player-I didn't want it but accepting it (no charge) was the only way I could get the Red/black combo of my Overland diesel. It was a worthwhile compromise though because I love the colour combo.
I find the ACC very impressive-great on windy two-lanes with poor passing options. I haven't yet encountered the brake assist coming on. I considered the 18" wheels but honestly find the ride on the 20's great, and my "off roading" is more "single lane gravel roading". I may consider going to an 18" wheel and tire combo for the winter though-snows are an absolute must here in the great white north (anyone that says otherwise...). Too new for any issues yet, but I love this vehicle. Fantastic mileage.
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