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LTrainGC 06-04-2010 05:06 PM

How To: Keyless Go
I have a friend that just bought a Challenger not too long ago and has this feature... he has the removable engine start/stop button as described in the WK2 thread about dealer availability and Milous posted the photo of the start/stop button.

Now, I'm not 100% sure if this will work in any car with the IR keys, but here is the information anyway. This came from member "firebird2000" on

OK. Here's how to install the Keyless Go system into a Challenger 08-09 8 CYLINDER (5.7 or 6.1):

PART 1: Hardware Needed.

Parts you will need:

Keyless Go Key Fobs (05026457AE) 5 button FOB (this FOB has remote start and is the fob for the SRT8)
You could also use part #05026567AE, this is a 4 button FOB, it does not include the remote start feature. (Remote start can also be added easily, you just need the proper Hood switch (Mopar $20) and then program the Cars computer (TIPM) for remote start.

A couple notes about FOBIKS. Once they have been married to a car, they cannot be married to another WIN. It will not work. It changes the programming information inside the FOBIK as well and it will never ba able to be used with another WIN. Be aware of that if you intend to buy a used FOBIK as you will not be able to program it to your car. You must only use Virgin FOBIKS. There is a way to "de-kit" fobiks and return them to a virgin status, but you have to have the right software, and a test box that will program the key. This is not something even a dealership can do. Also, the WIN will accept up to 8 FOBIKS total, so you can keep your 2 original FOBIKS, and then add up to 6 more, or erase your original FOBIKS and program up to 8 new ones. If you opt to keep your original 2 programmed to the car, they will never work with Keyless Go, but they will still perform as they do now. Only the New Keyless go FOBIKS will allow you to start the car with the Start/Stop Button (SSB).

(2) LF Antennas (05026444XX) XX is the revision, I am not sure of the current revision, but any will work.

(1) PEM (Passive Entry Module) (05026443AF).

(1) SSB (Start/Stop Button) (1FU931X9XX).

Recap of parts needed:
(1) WIN - Your current WIN is fine.
(1) PEM
(1) SSB
(2 or more) KG Fobiks (4 or 5 button, with or withour remote start function)
(2) LF antennas

I will explain in my next post how this all works and how to install.
Also, what changes need to be made to your TIPM for all this to work.

Step 2: Install the modules:

If you choose to keep your existing WIN, then skip this step. However to program new FOBIKS to your current WIN, you will need to know your PIN number. You should have gotten a card with your car when you purchased it that has your PIN number on it. It is probably with your owners manual. That will have a 4 digit PIN. It is possible that you did not get it though, as I did not with my car, but don't despair, the dealership can look up this number and get it based on your VIN number. The dealership uses the number when getting security access to the WIN to program new FOBIKS.

If you choose to go with a new WIN, then it will be a virgin WIN, and the PIN will be 0000, always.

Install the PEM. Remove your glove box, and look around under there. he harness connector for the PEM is under the dash, up behind the glove compartment area. If you are unable to locate the connector, don't despair, I will explain later where to connect if you have no connector (As in the SE).

LF Antennas
The Keyless Go uses 2 LF antennas. 1 is located near the PEM, behind the glove box area. There should be a harness connector there. The other goes under the back seat. There should be another connector there as well.

OK. That's it for installation, it should be pretty easy to do, and it won't take too long.

My Next post will be how to activate the system and program the new FOBIKS.
That needs to be done with the StarScan tool, or star mobile. With the StarMobile tool, the tech can come right to your house and do this. It will take about 15 minutes to do this either way. Not all dealerships have the StarMobile, so call first and see if they can do it. All they have to do is connect to your OBDII connector, then set you up.

Step 3: Activate the system and program the KG FOBIKS.

All the next steps need to be performed using a StarSCAN or StarMobile tool. This just connects to the vehicles OBDII port. Any dealership with this tool can perform this, however, bear in mind that this system is very new, and most dealerships do not have much experience with it yet, so it might be a good idea to bring these instructions with you to make sure they complete all the necessary steps. If done properly, it will only take about 10 kinutes to do this.

OK. Now everything should be installed, but the car does not yet know that the PEM is there. Until it knows that the PEM is installed, it won't know to route CAN messages to and from it, and it won't even see it.

1. SET the TPIM to see the PEM.
With the StartScan or StartMobile connected to the vehicle, At the main screen, select the ECU View button.
The next screen will show all the ECU's in the vehicle.
Select the TIPMCGW ECU.
Next, Select the TIPMCGW with the green checkmark next to it.
Next select the button Read/Write Data.
Select the row Programmed ECUs: Cabin Network.
Scroll down to PEM, and change it from Not Set to SET. This will enable the PEM in the vehicle.

(Note: as long as you are at this point, you can also enable Remote Start if your vehicle does not have that option set as well. Just hit the back button and go back to Read/Write Items. Select the row Vehicle Config 1, and then scroll down to the row Remote Start Present, and change that value from Not Set to SET. Go Back again, and select the row TIPM Configurable Inputs. Select the row Reconfig Input#4 (B10) and change that value from Not Present to HoodAjar - Analog. That's it. The vehicle will now work with remote start once you install the hood switch, which you can get from MOPAR for around $19)

Now the vehicle will see the PEM.

2. Program New FOBIKs to the WIN.

With the StarScan or StarMobile, go to the Select ECU screen again.
Select the ECU called WCM. Now select the row with the green checkmark.
At this screen , ECU Overview - WCM, select the button called More Options.
Next select the Button, Onboard Routines. This will bring up a list of special routines for the WIN.
Next the tech needs to click the button called Session Control, Select Extended Diagnostics Session, then click Start. (A Sparkplug Icon will appear next to Tester Present, No response required. Close the window.
Next click the button ECU Unlock, select the number 3, then click Unlock. Close that window.
(Note: Once you have unlocked the WIN with security level 3, you will have 60 secods to complete the programming procedure, and then the security access will turn off. For this reason, you will usually have to repeat this process for each FOB to be programmed)
Now that you have gained security access, If you have installed a new WIN, the new WIN will learn the vehicle configuration from the TIPM.
Now select the row PIN and click the Start buitton. Click on Edit Item and enter your PIN. (0000 if a virgin WIN). then click OK. Then click Start to send the PIN to the WIN.
(Optional: If you intend to replace ALL FOBIKS, at this point select the row ERASE Programmed Keys/FOBS, then select Start. Once the erase is complete, the cluster will chime.)
Click the row Programming Mode, then click Start. A window will open, select the row, Entry Option then Edit Item. Select PROGRAM KEY, then click OK.
Insert the virgin FOBIK into the WIN, turn it to the RUN position. The SKIM light on the IP will go from solid to off and the cluster will chime once the WIN has learned the FOBIK.
If more than 60 seconds have passed, you will need to go back through the procedure again to start programming mode again. (Unlock ECU, Enter PIN, Enter programming mode.)
Do this until all your new FOBIKS have been programmed to the WIN (8 FOBIKS max)

3. Activate the PEM.

With the StarScan or StarMobile tool, go to the Select ECU screen and select PEM.
Select the row with the green checkmark.
Next screen, select the More Options button.
Next screen, select the Onboard Routines button.
Next screen, select the Session Control button, select Extended Diagnostic Session then click Start. (A sparkplug icon will appear next to Tester present, no response required), Close window.
Next select the button ECU Unlock. Select the number 3, then click the button Unlock.
The PEM is now unlocked and security access has been granted. The PEM will automatically learn the vehicle configuration.
Leave the PEM in security access mode to perform the next step.

4. Transfer the FOBIK information from the WIN to the PEM.

With the StarScan or StarMobile tool, Go back to the Select ECU screen.
Select the row WCM.
Next select the WCM with the green checkmark next to it.
Next screen, select the More Options button.
Next screen select the Onboard Routines button.
Once again, select session control, Select EXTENDED DIAGNOSTIC SESSION, and then click START. (A spark plug ICON will appear next to TESTER PRESENT, No Response Required.) Close that window.
Next select the ECU Unlock button, and select 3, then Unlock. Under Onboard routines, select the row PIN, and then click the button START. Click on the PIN row, then click the button EDIT ITEM, enter your PIN then click OK (Almost forgot, The PIN you enter here will be 0000, because this is a virgin PEM. If it had been installed at the factory, it would be the same as the PIN in the WIN). Click START to send the PIN to the WIN.
Now, under Onboard Routines, select the row called Transfer Secret Key and Key IDs (Passive Entry Module). Then click Start.
Once that routine completes. you are done!

Now the system should be working.

That should be all there is to it.

Keep in mind that this is for the 8 cylinder Challengers. This procedure and parts will also work for other platforms as well, such as the Chrysler 300, Dodge RAM, Jeep Cherokee, etc.

To perform this on the Challenger SE (As I did) you will not have wire harness connectors, so you will have to make your own (Not Hard to do) and also as I stated earlier, The win only send a signal to start the 8 Cylinder models. To get it to send the proper signal to the 6 cylinder, you would need to Flash the WIN with a new flash file for that. It is not available to dealers, however if they had the file, they could load it into the StarScan or StarMobile and make it work.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

I hope this helps anyone inetrested in adding Keyless Go and Remote Start to their vehicles. It can be done, and the cost really shoudln't be that much, It really depends on how much you can get the parts for. The dealership should only have to charge you for time for theb reprogramming, and like I said, it really should't take any more than about 15 minutes to do all the programming.
Sooooo there it is.... I'm going to price out all these parts and maybe get in touch with my dealer to see about the programming.

Mike_Levy 06-04-2010 05:11 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
If anybody can confirm this will work on the 08 Jeeps (early build), I'd like to have AJ do it for me.

LTrainGC 06-04-2010 05:14 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
Well I just read through the whole thing and it says it will work with the Dodge Ram AND Jeep Cherokee (Grand Cherokee). So badda bing badda boom.

LTrainGC 06-04-2010 05:17 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go

Originally Posted by Mike_Levy (Post 217180)
If anybody can confirm this will work on the 08 Jeeps (early build), I'd like to have AJ do it for me.

Not sure... I don't think the Keyless Go wasn't an option on any Chrysler until 2009, maybe even 2010.

Link to the thread on

LTrainGC 06-04-2010 05:29 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
From the challengertalk thraed:

Yes, this can be done on the GC SRT8 as well, as long as it too has the same type of system installed. Your system is manufactured by Siemens, and it cannot be added to that, however, The Siemens WIN can be removed and replaced with one of the Marquardt WINs (Marquardt is taking over Siemens business for these systems) and then the PEM and LF antennas can be added and the system will work. We recently removed a Siemens WIN and replaced it with a MArquardt WIN in an 08 Chrysler 300 and it worked fine. We will soon be adding Keyless Go to that car as well.
Also, I recently worked with another forum member here, and we added keyless go to is Challenger SE too! So now I guess I don't have the only SE on the road with Keyless Go, but 1 out of 2 ain't bad! LOL. Last I talked to him, he loves the Keyles go!

Immo 06-04-2010 08:46 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
How much are the parts?

Milous 06-04-2010 08:55 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go

Originally Posted by Immo (Post 217242)
How much are the parts?

About $600-$700 MSRP. I have a parts list somewhere around here that is specific to the WK. However, no one has attempted this mod on a WK yet so it is unknown if there are any quirks or drawbacks.

CherokeeOnToyos 06-04-2010 09:16 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
My 2010 challenger SRT8 has this...I think (im lazy & didnt read the thread completely) are you talking about the start/stop button being able to be removed so you can insert the key?

CherokeeOnToyos 06-04-2010 09:22 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
OK I just read the whole thread and I guess you are talking about this haha, However I didnt know it could be done as a mod on other cars...Great How to :thumbsup:

burntPiston 06-04-2010 11:01 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
I want

hafalex 08-03-2010 07:20 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go
i want this

Immo 08-04-2010 01:21 PM

Re: How To: Keyless Go

Originally Posted by Milous (Post 217246)
About $600-$700 MSRP. I have a parts list somewhere around here that is specific to the WK. However, no one has attempted this mod on a WK yet so it is unknown if there are any quirks or drawbacks.

Wish I could find a dealer willing to try, and not take me to the cleaners....

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