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08Hemi 06-07-2010 12:35 AM

5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
So for us 5.7 guys out there I am going to do a thread on my progress so far, future plans and relay the results in this thread.

Stuff needed:
one 11mm wrench, one 12mm socket with small and large ratchet, multiple sized flathead screw drivers, wire strippers, good scissors, electrical tape, butt connectors, heat-shrink, new IAT sensor, BWoody IAT extension, intake, filter and optional drycharger

taking the stock intake out is a piece of cake, I went to stock for a week while I sold my AIRAID and it took 5 mins to return it to stock. very easy removal process, and there are write-ups on it.

BWoody instructions are pretty straight forward. See below on one change, I did find it easier to install filter after intake was in place.

I had to cut the stock IAT connection off...this was an apparent issue from the get-go, I just did not notice it on the forums. The IAT extension they send is for the 6.1 (or something OTHER than the 5.7). BWoody just needs to send the new IAT sensor if they are going to send the harness they sent, or make an extension that works with the 5.7 harnesses. i now have a new IAT sensor that is harwired to the existing stock wires. I really did not want to do this, but the install and was SUPER simple and looks better IMO.

brown wire seems to be ground...pic of IAT connector cut off

cut and stripped extension supplied from (blue wire, not visible but red had a green strip on blue wire) connects to brown stock wire. Butt connectors used and heat-shrinked over, then electrical tape :) Techflexed the wiring...Matt recommended that stuff and I have used it now on my stereo power cable, Low/Fog HID's and this extension.

I installed the BWoody intake first, then got under the vehicle and installed/tightened the filter through the floor. Their instructions recommend differently, but I had no scratches intake during install, and minimal wear on the filter, I really didn't need to move the fender at all and there is enough room to tighten the filter with a small flathead

another install pic....I was so amazed at how far the BWoody intake sends the filter in the lower fender. It is amazing how the frame, fog lights and fender trim create a great heat/debris shield for it...and with the drycharger I am good to go. I would def not recommend this intake for anyone that hits rivers/streams of really any off roading

I also did the CCV mod to get rid of the tube running across the engine-bay...super simple, was $15 in parts (chrysler PCV valve 90 degree fitting, and sceptre filter, with 2" of interior 3/8" pipping, secured with zip ties) and looks better the pics above I had tape over the intake outlet, but will have more recent pics with the actual rubber cap on :)

I have driven the car for about 50 miles now and it is really starting to like the intake. I love the sound, and notice some serious increases in pull though the shifts at WOT...with the DS predator on its way, I will keep track of progress and let everyone know what types of differences I notice. So far I am satisfied, and according to chefalan23 it will be night and day when I get the tune going...and Jim at MHP will be doing them, and the predator should be here next week!!!!!

I am on the fence about the 180 tstat...can people really say that is a beneficial performance mod? Especially when combined with a CMR???

08Hemi 06-07-2010 12:35 AM

Re: 5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
Just upgraded to a Trinity T-1000 :) SOOOOOOO STOKED!

More to follow.......

White WK Swagga 06-07-2010 09:12 AM

Re: 5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
Hows the gains from the BWOODY?

Chaoul1 06-07-2010 09:18 AM

Re: 5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
I can't wait! I'm going to order the Bwoody soon and then I really need the CMR Tune!

08Hemi 06-25-2010 12:34 PM

Re: 5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
Well had the BWoody on for about 250 miles now....WOW is all I have to say.

Sound = better than the AIRAID; louder at WOT, larger "whoosh" at shut-off, better b/t 3500-5500 RPM's...the thing sounds like a vaccum when you are on it. Not any louder on the freeway cruising, but my exhaust note has def changed. I set off car alarms in my parking garage which I RARELY did before, so it did something...I think I have a little more drone @ 80mph than I had with the AIRAID, but IDK if the two are truly related

Performance = Butt dyno is a def increase...engine does not seem to work as hard, but at WOT it def allows it to open up very nicely. Tow/haul, esp off, 1st gear the mofo LAUNCHES :)

Efficency = I have been driving it a lot harder lately...but on the freeway during a 100 mile trip I got about 19mpg's averaging over 80 I think it is about the same as the AIRAID...but like I said it is a lot harder to stay out of the throttle :) I will report more once I get the tune, disable MDS etc...

Asthetics = All of my friends laughed at me when they saw my yellow intake, BUT all of them have changed their tune once they saw it installed and heard it or rode with me.

I upgraded to a Trinity T-1000 so I will do some data logging before and after the canned tunes, as well as after the CMR w/ and w/out MDS :) I am so excited, esp since my bday is around the corner early present to myself HAHA

08Hemi 08-08-2011 01:20 PM

Re: 5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
a little bumpski for those 5.7 guys thinking about a BWoody...had it over a year now, and only thing I have done is switch to a Amsoil dry inverted-cone filter with pre-filter cover.

Getting about 20mpgs now, reset my pcm and re-installed my toona :) I need to do some data logging soon since I finally got a catch can on. I cannot believe how much crap that thing had in it after 1000 miles

Chaoul1 08-08-2011 01:28 PM

Re: 5.7 4" BWoody Intake and CMR Tune
How long did you data log for? Did you just do a few runs?

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