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mjl2610 06-07-2010 09:21 PM

Superchips questions
Now i cant say for sure that the superchips is the cause for concern but i would like to know if anyone has been having weird issues with your Jeep? Firstly i get this weird engine light with crazy codes occasionally. Rob tried to help and suggested a few things but it was to no solution.

Today for the second time within 10 minutes of having the Jeep running, I had this weird problem. What would happen is i would just be driving, the chime would sound and then my dash would completely shut off as if the key was in the off position. Then it would turn back on as if i turned the key to the run position and all the lights on the dash would light up. It would just continuously do this over and over repeatedly til i put the Jeep in neutral costing at like 55 and turned the key to off and then restarted the engine. Did not occur again to work or from work today. And no engine codes of course at all.

Never had an issue with the programmer when i bought it from Frank, but the last update i got from the internet and loaded it on the jeep im starting to get all these random weird issues from time to time. Maybe its coincidence but its starting to bother me when I'm running this programmer, getting errors and codes but cant bring it to the dealer. I would have to clear the tune and then the codes are lost and I'm back to square one. Is anyone experiencing these weird anomalies or is it just my luck as usual. :mad:

maxst2 06-08-2010 06:26 PM

Re: Superchips questions
Mm... tune it back to the stock and see what happens. If its ok.. then looks like you need to make a call to superchips support, or make a post on their forum.

I just got back from a trip where i pulled a trailer and pretty much was the max for the jeep, and set superchips to towing and it ran great... changed it to 87 oct performance tune once i got home and then drove an hour and a half back to my apartment... no issues. I have changed it alot in the time that i have had it to test what i feel is good... no problems for me.

Ramboxman 06-17-2010 07:05 PM

Re: Superchips questions
I just installed my tune to performance 91 and have not issues. I had my programmer for about 4 weeks before I was able to use it just last week for the first time. But I have not issues with the dash like you experience. I noticed that the RPM are high now for like a minute or more when started. My stock program did not do this. I will report back if I have any issues. I going to change it to the Fuel XS mode tonight. I also have some weird shifting around 40 miles per hour driving me crazy so I not sure if I would run the 91 tune much. I wonder if anyone could chime in if that happens with the 87 performance tune.

Thanks to all.

07 4.7 by the way.

maxst2 06-17-2010 08:41 PM

Re: Superchips questions
Any updates?

Also superchips has a DLC reader on it... see if its got some codes.

ernieburn9 06-19-2010 12:23 PM

Re: Superchips questions
my just did the same thing!! but mine's is stock once everything shut off and turned one my engine light went on. so i checked my battery posts and my Amp power wire was a little loose. i tighten it up and it hasn't done it since. check your wires.

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