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05HemiGcherokee 06-27-2010 04:17 PM

Water In transmission after rebuild with mods.
Well I had this posted in another part of the Forum, but am still having trouble after having it flushed twice.

My transmission went bad, so I pulled it brought it somewhere, he rebuilt it with a shift kit, boosted line pressure, high-friction clutches, and a billet torque converter.

I installed it, and he wanted the jeep back to test drive it, and re-teach the computer to teach the transmssion into a learning mode. So I brought it to him to look at it, (Hes a friend of mine) And after test driving it, and finding he couldnt program that particular computer, there was no option, he went on to check the fluid level, and for any metal or anything.

Well we found water. And He was like, where could that have possible came from, and then it hit him. He had left the transmission in the rain for like 5 minutes while waiting for me to come pick it up. He had gone to lunch, and when he got back he moved it inside out of the rain. So now He figures it must have gotten a few drops in the pan through the dipstick hole.

So I went home and changed the fluid immediatly, and cleaned the pan well. So I added more fresh clean fluid, and a week later there was more. but much more. He thinks there is no way this was from any drops that could have gotten in it. He thought that the transmission cooler was built into the radiator, and maybe a crack or whole let radiator fluid into the tranny oil. So after checking it out, I found the transmssion is cooled throught the A/C condensor ONLY. Thats right no one bleieves me, I said A/C condensor. I even had to argue that with my local mechanic. who said he looked at it and traced the lines, and he said no its attached to the power steering cooler.. So I had to prove it and printed out a AllData Information about the A/C condensor to prove it. Netherless to say, He said this must be just left over water. So he flushed it with some cheap oil, and alchohal additive to dry up any water, and then flushed it again with the good transmission oil only. $370 dollars later there is still water in the tranmission.

So here I am after taking out and reinstalling the transmission then changing the fluid myself, to now just getting the brand new tranmission flushed twice. A very lot of aggravation, money and still same issues. On top of that my check engine light came on to an 02 sensor low voltage, and a p0700 transmission control code. So I talked to both my friend who rebuit it, Where the jeep is going first thing tommarow, he sais hell get to the bottome end of it, and talk to a friend of his at the local dealership. I also talked to the garage who i have been going to forever with never any problems who changed the fluid, he said It must just need more flushing.. (700 + doollars in flushing, come on!!) And Im thinking the A/C condensor, however A/C is very cold, but does smell like oil.. Maybe some spilled in engine compartment..

Yikes and thoughts??? Very appreciated..

P.s.- the transmission with shift kit is very snappy! But when it downshifts as i am slowing down it bangs pretty good. the transmssion rebuilder i used said it is a cross between the computer, and shift kit. In which t5he predator tuner I just used,, seemed to have calmed it down a little.

With all these issues a small whining noise is coming from the tranmssion now to. Someone want to help me out and split the insurance money too?

05HemiGcherokee 06-28-2010 03:53 PM

Re: Water In transmission after rebuild with mods.
Finally figured out the problem to this nightmare. I believe. Just like the TS bulletin for other grand cherokees with the 3.7L. The airconditioning condensation water drips down on the dipstick tube. And today while We had it up on a lift, and had the A/C running full blast, on one of the hotest, most humid days thus far this summer, water was actually pouring, not dripping, right onto the dipstick tube area, where i found it puddling up.

When my buddy rebuilt the transmition he put on a new gasket/boot thing, but something must have happened while I was installing the transmition whether it ripped it or what.

So I just piled on a bunch of gasket making black silicone for now.


Scottina06 06-28-2010 04:17 PM

Re: Water In transmission after rebuild with mods.
I hope that solves it for ya

DJ BoNiOmArIo 06-29-2010 12:12 PM

Re: Water In transmission after rebuild with mods.
seems like u went through a lot

glad it's all working now

White WK Swagga 06-29-2010 12:32 PM

Re: Water In transmission after rebuild with mods.
Damn bro! I really hope this solves the issue for ya!

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