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Marbs 06-29-2010 01:11 PM

High flow cat?
My buddy is sending me(if he can find it) a magnaflow high flow cat(for FREE). I was wondering if anyone knows what,if any, gains it would give on a stock 09 3.7 G.C. I am trying to save up to get a muffler and possibly a CAI on it too.

jeepgcoman 06-29-2010 04:50 PM

Re: High flow cat?
My exhaust system guy told me the cats. are already high flow, at least on the 5.7. I think he said they were wire spun, or something like that. Anyway, when I asked him about it, he said don't bother, as it won't make any difference. That being said, I have JBA "high flow" cats. on my Hemi LX, and it didn't seem to make a noticeable difference. One other thing to be aware of in your quest for a little more power is that many of today's mods. make SLIGHT differences by themselves, but cumulatively they may add up to a fair improvement. IMO, the best bangs for the buck are, tuners, low restriction exhaust system, and good CAI/filter, which won't do a thing driving around town, but slightly at WOT.

B.P.O.D 06-30-2010 09:41 AM

Re: High flow cat?
i asked the same question as you before i got my cai and mufffler for my 3.7 verdict was it's not worth it

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