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Martyp 07-07-2010 12:02 PM

Tranny Fluid - Level on Dipstick
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I'm really confused on this one...

When I got the fluid and filters changed last Summer I realised they never put enough in. No fluid was on the dipstick at all. :eek:

Drove back, they topped it up, test drove it, checked it and said it was fine and it was in the middle. Sweet, I thought.

Now, I've been checking it every couple of months and its not changed. However, I'm not sure there is still enough in or not.

Imagine the attached photo is the dipstick..

Where I have placed the 'X' is the spot where the fluid is sitting at. This is after a 10 minute drive, engine is fully up to temp. Would I be right in thinking it should be in the middle of the HOT section?

I seem to remember that it was at the HOT area before so I'm totally confused but I wanna know for sure before I go back...again...

Thanks in advance!

Looking at WJJeeps I get this:

6. Remove dipstick and check fluid level as follows:

(a) Correct acceptable level is in crosshatch area or area between "COLD" and "HOT".

(b) Correct maximum level is to "HOT" arrow mark.

(c) Incorrect level is at or below "COLD" line. The fluid level will be approximately at the upper COLD hole of the dipstick at 70 F fluid temperature.

(d) If fluid is low, add only enough Mopar ATF +4 Automatic Transmission fluid to restore correct level. Do not overfill.

Now, mine is in between the COLD and HOT markers so is that fine or should there be a little more? It's like its giving me two options... :confused: :confused:

robpp 07-07-2010 12:11 PM

Re: Tranny Fluid - Level on Dipstick
martyp. check the manual. for most auto trans, you need to test it hot, running, trans in nuetral.

what happens on a drain is that some fluid gets out of the torque converter. and wont refill until it runs a bit. so they fill it you runt you must check it a few times. smae as like a radiator drain and fill. how sometimes iot takes a once or twice fill of the overflow to finally top up the system.

so running and hot should be near the hot line

Martyp 07-07-2010 12:24 PM

Re: Tranny Fluid - Level on Dipstick
Yeah, the manual is confusing as like WJJeeps its giving me two 'safe' options.

The manual and WJJeeps said to have the trans in P, level ground and the engine idling. I had the motor idling for at least 5 minutes before checking (and continuing to run) and that's what I got.

Don't want to go back and they say its right. :o

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