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StoneCold 07-29-2010 04:10 AM

Rear diff seal
Having just changed the fluid a couple of weeks back, I'm now leaking from the area where the driveshaft goes into the rear diff. It's a very minor leak, but I want it fixed ASAP. Question is, is this an easy driveway job or up on a ramp? It'll only cost me about 30 if I do need to take in to a shop, so I'm not wanting to spend a whole day underneath her, for the sake of so little money. Especially with the smell of diff oil!!!:eek:

This is the info I got back from the dealer, it may be handy for anyone else with the same problem;

Hi Aaron

This sounds like the rear diff pinion seal which is 34.76 Inc VAT and would have to be ordered in.

Item 6 on below image

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doublejz 07-29-2010 08:30 AM

Re: Rear diff seal
The seal really isn't that big of a deal. Most people mark the nut/threads (mark how far down on the threads it is along with the position on the pinion) on the pinion , pull the rear DS, remove the nut, pull the seal, replace the seal and put the nut back until the lines match up. Some others may suggest using a huge ass torque (300lbs) wrench to measure the lbs which it takes to remove the nut and then replace it to the same torque. The main thing is to make sure the preload is set back to the way it was when replacing the nut.

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