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dustb0wl 08-05-2010 11:39 PM

Satellite radio module burned out
OK guys. I have a question for any of you guys out there that have any experience the 2008+ radios. Let me give you the facts. I have had the mygig retrofit in my car for about a year now. Works great, no problems. Recently, I had my door caught by the wind (:mad:) and while not only bending my hinge and moving my front fender out of alignment, it managed to pinch my satellite radio wire and appears to have shorted out the internal module (and yes, I checked for a lingering short, of which there was none. I even replaced the antenna to be completely sure). Now, I am faced with the task of either replacing the radio (yikes) or replacing the internal satellite radio module (note: Chrysler does not sell parts, they just replace the entire radio). So, that in mind, my questions are these: first, is the satellite radio module separate from the main board? second, is the satellite radio module used in the RER radios the same as one used in the RES radios with internal satellite radio? I am thinking that I could use a donor RES to replace the satellite radio module at minimal cost if the answer to both questions is yes.

I know that these are difficult questions that no one is likely to know (besides a jeep engineer or maybe Harman Becker), but I thought I would pose the question nonetheless, if nothing else than to get peoples opinions on the matter. I plan to try and answer question 1 for myself tomorrow by carefully dismantling my radio, but to answer question 2, I will have to get a used RES and take it apart, which I would rather not do without knowing for sure whether or not the parts will work.

I know this is long, so thanks for reading it and post up your opinion if you've got one!

dustb0wl 08-09-2010 10:14 PM

Re: Satellite radio module burned out
After a little work this weekend, number one is true. The module is separate. Anyone have any opinions on compatibility?

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