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TimmyB 08-10-2010 12:34 AM

A/C Recharge(what not to do)
Here is where I went wrong. I bought two small cans of AC refrigerant and just put them in my AC system using a hose without the gauge. After putting in two cans my ac compressor would only turn on for 2 seconds then turn off for another five, and it would actually shoot out refridgerant out the back of the compressor. I finally bought a cheap pressure gauge that comes with the AC refridgerant at Walmart, and saw my system had 160psi in it, when the Jeep specs it at about 40psi. I drained in on my own and filled it up slowly looking at the new gauge I bought. I really thought I was screwed, that my AC compressor was ruined, but I figured out the problem and now its ice cold again. I learned my lesson, to always use a gauge now with the AC system.

06HemiLtd 08-10-2010 06:35 AM

Re: A/C Recharge(what not to do)
i have never messed with the AC system on any car. how do you know which valve is the low side. which one do you put the refrigerant in.

jeepnjeep 08-10-2010 07:46 AM

Re: A/C Recharge(what not to do)
Yes, you really need to know pressures before you mess with the A/C system. You got lucky. These systems have a high head safety and it seems some kind of blow off valve that I've never seen before. I've been doing A/C for over 30 years though not so much on cars.
You know the high side from the low side by feeling the temp of the hoses/pipes. The cold hose is the low side which is where you charge the system. If the system is totally empty and there's no temp. difference, the low side is bigger in diameter. You can also follow the lines and the one going to the condenser in front of the radiator is the high side.
All A/C systemsare sealed systems. The refrigerant never wears out like oil and should never need to be replaced. If you need a charge there's a leak. Leaks are a real bitch to find in a car. If a system leaks a lot and there's a big leak there's usually oil at the spot where it's leaking. The oil needs to be replaced too in this case. If it's that bad, you're best off getting it done by a pro.

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