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SRTILL8 08-15-2010 10:02 AM

Alarm system issues...pita!!!
ok well something happened while the key was in my pocket cause my alarm system in my jeep just went bananas!!

ok so i go..ok, no problem- let me just get in the car and turn the key to shut off the alarm system right?? nope. it didnt turn it off and in fact i was able to start the car with the alarm system going off:confused::confused::confused::confused:

ok, everyone old person is going crazzy right about now looking at me and making faces with their walking sticks pointing at me- lolz- no pun...

i pop the hood and disconnect the battery so the horn/alarm shuts up...

i then say gotta be a fuse for this alarm that i can unplug and be on my way.... nope no fuse- at least its not in the owners manual. everything but the alarm system is labeled in the manual...GREAT:rolleyes:

so i go under the car to try and disconnect the alarm itself- to no avail i couldnt even get my head under the car enough to be able to reach it with my arm... so i get a bright idea of looking up just the horn in the manual to be able to shut off the horn at least while i try and figure this out....

i remove the fuse for the horn- thanks god!! and all my alarm lights are obviously still flickering about.... my friend and i were stumped looking at each other like daym wtf??:confused::confused::confused: after about (i dont remember how long it was) the light flickering turned off and i was like...uhhhh..ok....

i turn the turn the key to see if it starts and etc. everything is fine like it never happened???

after that we were on our way to albany- i didnt need that issue for 1 hr and half before we left so im wondering WTF went wrong there? anybody got any ideas?

anybody know the fuse for the alarm itself?

disclaimer: i called the dealership and they wanted me to bring it in when all i asked was ""tell me the fuse or what i can do to disable the alarm system" they kept saying they wouldnt know and theyd need a tech to work on it-- bullshiot!!! they just want me to bring it in so they can bank off the crap- i really wasnt in the mood for this junk yesterday so i hung up on his dumb ass and figured it out myself. some help jeep was yesterday-

all i asked was tell me the fuse, and they were idiots saying theres no way i can know... wtf you phucking lumbnutts! u work at a dealership and youre telling me that you cant tell me which fuse it which in your vehicles???


heading back to nyc soon,hopefully my alarm doest just go off on its own again, and i dont have to disconnect the battery and horn fuse just to be on my way.

i thought it was very wierd i was able to start my car numerous times while my alarm was going off.... is my concern...



StoneCold 08-15-2010 10:06 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
Weird:confused: I had the exact same sh*t when I asked about a fuse in my XJ. They were like, 'oh you'll need to book it in so we can take a look!' All I wanted to know was what fuse went in a certain plug!

Scottina06 08-15-2010 10:16 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
thats becasue there is NO fuse for the alarm system......

as far as I know the evs module is under the steering wheel. The alram would shut off with your key fob?

SRTILL8 08-15-2010 10:32 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
nah scott, if it turned off with the key fob then i wouldnt have had to deal with this issue. thats the first thing i tried to no avail.

no fuse for the alarm system- i didnt know that? but there has to be a way to bypass the alarm or altogether shut it off from ever* working if i ever needed to do that right?

surely there is a way....

also in all my previous jeeps- i could never start the car while the alarm was sounding off... is one of my main concerns...

Scottina06 08-15-2010 10:47 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
well....its really something the dealer should do becasue the module is "wired" in with the igntion switch in the dash.

SRTILL8 08-16-2010 10:10 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
well an update. last night i put back the horn fuse because after a solid 400 miles the jeep didnt act up like it did outside my friend house on saturday.

so i wont bring this into a steelership unless it happens again.

fingers crossed-

thanks scott-

soontobesrt 08-16-2010 05:44 PM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
Probably just a crazy jeep electrical gremlin. I personally wouldn't say they are notorious for it but many people will say otherwise. Jeeps in general have bee known by some to freak out just like mentioned, other times it has been more important systems so luckily for you it was just some noise and light lol. Fingers x'ed you should be ok ;) If not Id look into the EVs like Scott mention under the wheel, something with that maybe bugged out. All it takes is a little moisture or heat or some wire to be near another and boom anything can happen, electric is funny like that :)

SRTILL8 01-20-2011 07:09 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
ok it happened again....and one time i never got around to mentioning here in october. so altogether 3 times this alarm system went bananas....

this time around it had a different tune though..

last night i stop and pull into a spot to pick up something and step out lock the doors set the alarm and i was off for a bout 5 minutes... i get back but this time i forget that i set the alarm (dumbass) and go to open the drivers side door. it opened because steps before i got to the car i pressed unlock with the keyfob. so i open the door and alram is blaring off....

at this point im confused cause i pressed unlock and that shouldve disarmed the alarm system to begin with so i was clueless as to what is going on at this point... of course i try to disarm again with the fob but i try and start it as it always started right up even though the alarm is sounding off and fully active.....

im sort of being a pain to the area with my alrm sounding off so i pull away out of my spot to try and pop the hood in between avenues so its less people traffic.. as i pull into the avenue (a half block away, prolly rolled a good 500 yards) as im driving into another parking space the alarm shuts off on its own....

this is getting to be annoying but i think 3 times now requires some kind of attention more than not...

any idea before i make an appointment with the steelership?


2005JGC 01-20-2011 02:25 PM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!

Originally Posted by SRTILLA (Post 252598)
all i asked was tell me the fuse, and they were idiots saying theres no way i can know... wtf you phucking lumbnutts! u work at a dealership and youre telling me that you cant tell me which fuse it which in your vehicles???


Trying not to sound like I have in the past on similar topics... I will say there is WAY too much information to know intimate details on a out of production vehicle. This year for instance we get to learn a new motor, new bus system, and how to dissasemble a whole new lineup. So I would agree with them, I generally have a good idea where to head with the vehicle but if someone called in and wanted to know something about how the alarm functions on their 98 grand cherokee (not sure what your dealing with), I would need my hands on it, the drb on it, and go from there.

Like I already said, there is way too much information and WAY too little space upstairs to retain it all, the key to information is knowing what you need on hand and what you can easily access.

Be happy your alarm isnt disable-able (thats a word right) with a simple fuse or relay... that would be counter productive, no? People still figure out how to steal the stuff but it sure as hell is not by just pulling a fuse, unless in your case they just disable the horn and drive off lights flashing ha ha.

Lastly, What vehicle is this on?

SolarWar 01-25-2011 09:51 PM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
is this something to do with the panic button on the remote?

when i first got my WK, mind you i dont have an alarm, just the panic button on my RKE fob. i pressed it and the horn started going off lights flashing etc and i couldnt figure out how to shut it off, i had to pull the horn relay to be able to have some quiet so i could figure out what the deal was, i tried starting the car and it would start, but panic mode was still going off. so i read the manual, lights still flashing by the way, and i learned i had to hold the panic button instead of just quick pressing it while, in or very close to the car for it to shut off. and so it did. and then i was able to put the horn relay back in, and i never tripped the panic button unnecessarily again.

maybe the your remote is shorting on the panic button causing it to get the panic signal and have your alarm go crazy?

Hyper Duck 01-27-2011 05:10 AM

Re: Alarm system issues...pita!!!
Mine is a european spec WH/WK, siren instead of your horn, sometimes (after a few months the alarm starts acting on its own. The only way to reset the alarm(as everybody has mentioned there is no fuse for it) is to disconect your battery, wait at least 15 min. and then the alarm will reset it self. Works with mine(factoryalarm!)
The only disadvantage is that everything else is also resetted, like your radio/satnav and for that you need to input your radiocode (which in europe the hold at the dealership) But the rsetting does work, if the radio is NOT resetted, the alarm is also not resetted!
Hope this works for US cars as well

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