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mayor bloom 08-19-2010 01:24 AM

sway bar link help
I know that I should post this in the off road section but I want everyones opinion...

I am done offroading my wk on anything other than light trails or dirt roads, I believe the term is Mall crawler.

Now, why this post: I am going to stack the OME lift with puck spacers. I have had many say yes it is simple, I talked with carlos and he was no for it. I have come to this decision, if the poly spacers are ok for stock springs and stock strut/Shock than what is the difference with 2" longer coils/stuts with spacers. The geometry is there, and a fyi everyone I talked with said never stack spacer lift on spacer lift, and fyi Superlift and BDS are considered spacer lifts. OME/king are the only coil lifts for the wk.

Now to strenghten everything, due to the stress, I am going to replace the uca's with new uca's. These are good for lifted or dropped wks, aparently they are longer, thicker and are angled for lifts/drops.
while I am doing this do I want to change out the front/rear sway bar and sway links? Please post your options and opinions; I am looking for stronger and better. if they make the ride smoother great but not my #1 priority.

thanks all

blackpepper 08-19-2010 01:34 AM

Re: sway bar link help
Your reasoning seems logical. You might want to get the rock crawler spacers b/c they're metal, not rubber. I could be very wrong, too :lol:

And the links, why not? I think bwoody makes link sizes for lifts, you might want to look into that. But thicker sway bars will only hinder your articulation because of the added rigidity but they will help on road manners. But you said that you're done with the tough stuff so sways couldn't hurt either.

mayor bloom 08-19-2010 01:26 PM

Re: sway bar link help
Ryan, thanbks called bwoody today. they think the idea will work, just get the srt sway, 4" sway links and the UCA from JBA. We will deffinatly see, now if someone would just buy this damn bumper so I can swap to the 06-07 srt bumper.

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