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jd4010 08-29-2010 08:13 PM

Mechanical, electric or both cooling fans
Hi all. As I stated in a recent post, it appears that my electric fan isn't turning up enough RPMs to keep the system cool. Yes, the fan does engage when it's supposed (e.g. A/C on and when the temp reaches a certain point) but it doesn't appear to be pulling enough RPMs to lower the temps well enough.

This model Jeep, 1999 Grand Cherokee Loredo with 4.0, only has the electric mechanical. However, I see that the pulley on the pump is threaded and it does appear that there were models that had both the mechanical and electric fans.

So my questions are these. First, any downsides to having both? Why didn't mine come with both or was this an option thru? And, if I go the route of adding the mechanical fan, is all I need to acquire is the fan clutch and the fan itself (plus the 4 bolts)?

Thanks for any input. I guess I can always replace the fan relay (again) but wondering if just adding a mechanical fan will work just the same and be done with it.

Frango100 08-30-2010 12:17 AM

Re: Mechanical, electric or both cooling fans
My 2004 WJ manual only gives the dual fan setup for the 4.0 engine. It also states that when idling for extended time with high outside temperatures and airco on, the temperature can go over the limit. It seems that over the years jeep just added the second viscous coupling fan for this kind of situations.
The only remedy in this case is to switch off the airco when prolonged idling, or to add the second fan. Maybe someone who did this mod before can chime in.

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