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hemi.jon 09-06-2010 12:18 AM

Remote Oil Filter (Canton Racing)
So in my search of things and wanting ease of working with the jeep i ended up looking into remote oil filters. I ended up purchasing spin on filter relocation kit from Canton Racing. I read through many reviews online for remote kits and everyone across many vehicle platforms and forums all pointed at Canton for quality so i bit the bullet and took the chance.

First impressions of the kit were it was BEEF..the filter mount and the block mount were solid blocks of aluminum machined to the specs for the application. All quality AN fittings and stainless braided hose. Holding it i felt real comfortable with the price from quality to detail, everything was smooth and very well put together.

The kit came with the following:
-Block mount (3/4" -16 thread)
-Relocated filter mount
-(4) NPT to AN thread fittings
-(4) Red/blue hose fittings
-(8ft) Stainless hose

The install was a snap and only ran into 2 snags:

1) For some reason their "gasket measurement" is not just taking a ruler and measuring the gasket so when i ordered the kit for the 3 1/4 the block mount it did not fit in the 5.7L Hemi's filter "pocket". I ended up exchanging the block mount for the 2 5/8" which fit perfect. (A call to Canton's extremely awesome phone service will get everything set with you and your install.)

2) With my install and chosen location for the remote the Red/blue hose fittings did not fit they were just to long with the hose sticking out before it could bend to fit anywhere and they just didnt want to work with the block side. I ended up with ordering Jegs p/n 555-110023 to tighten everything up and made everything fit perfect. Canton does sell all their kits and pieces separate so you can opt to not buy the Red/blues fittings with the kit (cheaper price) and find the 90* bends on Jegs to set everything in better.

So install..i would rate this semi tedious but not really hard, but i have used AN fittings and braided hose before. To someone without AN wrenches or a dremel to cut the metal braid this could be a bit difficult, you will also need a 1 1/2" socket for the large gold bolt for the block piece.

I chose to mount my Remote on the passenger side sub-frame rail, so to change the filter ill be looking between the fender well guard and the front fascia. (Note: Photo shows fascia and fender well removed, and the black 90* fittings instead of the Red/blues.)
This is the block mount on my floor ready to go with all fittings and hoses on.
Block Mount installed
And view from above.

As of right now i have not fired up the Jeep with the kit in, im working on something else preventing me from doing so at this time. And for anyone noticing the oily threaded hole above the setup its where you Oil PSI sensor is located, which in cooperation with the plug above is actually an in block factory remote oil line setup. There are a few kits online for older muscle cars to convert to a modern hemi, that use those 2 holes to run a remote filter with a block off plate because of clearance issues with the older cars. Anyone braver could use those if they wanted but would need to relocate the Oil PSI sensor.

Well sorry in advance this isn't highly detailed but any specific questions just ask im always here. I intended to have alot more photos but once i get working i dont take

Marlin 09-06-2010 12:33 AM

Re: Remote Oil Filter (Canton Racing)
Nice one Jon!

A remote filter (usually in conjunction with an oil cooler) is one on the first things we do to GTR Nissan's, gives a bit more oil capcity as a bonus to the much easier filter replacement :)

I've not heard of the company you bought from, but the stuff looks nice! :D

hemi.jon 09-06-2010 12:34 AM

Re: Remote Oil Filter (Canton Racing)
Thank you. I had never really seen them to much before, just bits and pieces of their products, but i def love-em now!

misfit77 09-10-2010 10:07 PM

Re: Remote Oil Filter (Canton Racing)
very nice...i hate the location of my oil filter on my 3.7. Messiest oil change ever

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