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maxst2 09-25-2010 12:22 PM

Roof Rack and mpg results
Drive down to Texas-

Drive down was with 89oct with 10% ethanol - ONE TANK and reg 87. I did not have ANY change of MPG from doing from e10 to 87.

The Jeep was fully loaded. It SUCKED not to be able to have my room. lol. I did not have anything IN the roof rack as it rainy.

We were in a caravan group of two cars and me. I was leading the way doing the speed limit of 70mph for the most of the trip using cruise contorl. I was able to get an avg of 18mpg, with a high of 19mpg.

For the return trip Im going to have an empty truck - obviously, BUT I'm going to take the rack off to see what losses there would be and how much.


jeepgcoman 09-25-2010 03:24 PM

Re: Roof Rack and mpg results
I just pulled the cross bars off my rack, but left the side pieces in place. I was looking at the frontal area of the cross pieces and it looks like quite a bit of frontal area, which translates to wind drag. Bet you do considerably better on the return trip.

I also had my son and his partner shorten the air dam below the bumper. They took about 2 inches off it, which hopefully will also translate to a little less frontal area and wind drag.

Let us know how you do. In the next couple weeks I'll be doing some mileage tests too. These things are like pushing a box down the road. Next step might be an SRT front bumper.

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