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bozer 09-28-2010 08:51 AM

So much confusion
So much confusion at my local dealer. Iím trying to order a Blackberry Overland with Brown Saddle interior. Iím finally now able to do so. So I go in there looking to trade in my car. The deal is all good, ready to go. I figured if itís got brown saddle interior, it must have all the latest stuff, but I ask to see whatís included anyway. He prints out some forms and I notice Quadra Lift is not listed, and the 730 navigation is. From coming here I know the Quadra Lift is standard, and Garmin is the only available navigation option at this time. So I bring up the navigation and he swears itís the 730, that Chrysler specficially told them to make sure we are aware itís the 730 and itís the better system. That the Garmin is crappyÖ

So I get home and call him and ask about the Quadra Lift. He has no idea about it at all and is now going to call me back to let me know if its included or not. He kind of seems to think I might need to buy the off road package to get it. He said the forms he printed out were from JuneÖ. Why not have newer forms? Seems odd. I did not make the deal yet because the person who would appraise my car was not there that day. Iím going back tomorrow to hopefully do this.

Just seems like nobody knows anything about the Jeep. I think the blame should be on Chrysler for this, because it appears they arenít informing their dealers properly. So if I order a V8/hemi blackberry with brown saddle, Iím pretty much garunteed the Garmin and Quadra Lift right?

DavidB 09-28-2010 09:17 AM

Re: So much confusion
Quite honestly its pretty sad that we know more about the Grand Cherokee than they do. From what I gather if it does not have Quadra-lift it was pre august production. If so it would not have the new saddle interior since that has not been to production yet. I am not the most knowledgable on this, but this is what I have understood to this point.

Technosavant 09-28-2010 09:37 AM

Re: So much confusion
I thought the nav and QL stuff was settled months ago.

As of now, every Overland gets Quadra-Lift- the cutoff date for that was back in June. Everything ordered since gets it. The nav cutoff was in early July- as of July 6 or so, every Overland had the 430N standard, but up until a couple weeks ago you could order the 730N, and that has since ended.

I'm not sure I'd come down too hard on the dealers when it comes to knowing what's on there- Jeep themselves has been changing stuff around rather regularly.

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