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trebliw 09-29-2010 12:38 PM

REC problem- No audio whatsoever
Sorry for being redundant but I think I posted the last thread in the wrong area of the forum. My REC NAV just stop pushing out sound for FM/AM/CD/MP3/NAV. Anyone have any suggestions PLEASE. Driving around without sound S*CKS! FYI My REC is just stock, no adaptors or lockpicks. I tried pulling the negative cable off and left it for 15 minutes but was unsuccessful. I am at a loss now. Thanks to everyone in advance for any info that you may have.

DJ BoNiOmArIo 09-29-2010 12:43 PM

Re: REC problem- No audio whatsoever
I replied to your previous post I linked it here just in case

but in a nutshell try disconnecting all components of battery including positive cable let is sit overnight or for more than an hour and see what happens

trebliw 09-29-2010 10:25 PM

Re: REC problem- No audio whatsoever

So I came home, rechecked all my wires, and disconnected both terminals for an hour. Reconnected all the wires, remounted everything, and powered up the radio... EPIC FAILURE. I took a deep breath and started to freak out internally but decided to go a different route. I looked up WKJEEPS and found the "how to" on removing the quarter panel trim and accessing the amp. I have to say it was fairly easy. Well low and behold the reason I wasn't getting any audio was because... my amp was wet!!! After a thorough investigation, I found that the roof rack rail screws on the rear end were loose and allowing water into the cargo area, behind the quarter panel trim, and finally leading up to the terminals on the amp where it pooled up and overflowed into the amp. What are the chances of that?! Anyway, I took the amp out, removed the cover panel, and blew it out with a jet can of air and prayed that it wasn't fried. After drying it out I put everything back together, made a "water shield" out of a thin piece of rubber, and covered the amp enough to block water from collecting at terminals again but at the same time still allowing it to breath. I powered everything up and success... my REC was back to life. Thank goodness! Anyway, after freaking out all day and finding all this out I came across the link listed below. Apparently this might be a chronic issue since Chrysler has made a "water shield" for the amp. Unbelievable!!! Instead of making a water shield, why not try and make the vehicle waterproof?! LOL! Oh well... What are you gonna do, right?

Thanks again for your help BonioMario. I really appreciate you taking the time to give me a helping hand. Take care!

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