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20% OFF All Dodo Juice Products at through 7/20

That's right 20% off all of the Dodo Juice products at through July 20th. No coupon code is needed the prices are already 20% off! Dodo Juice makes some of the highest quality waxes for that unbelievable depth and gloss. The protection is second to none so you can expect any moisture to just roll off with ease! If you haven't tried the Dodo Juice waxes you don't know what you are missing. Here is some more information about their waxes and some other detailing supplies Dodo Juice manufacturers.

Dodo Juice Wax Sizes
Dodo Juice makes panel pot (30ml) sizes which are like sample sizes that will get you about 3 - 5 uses. This an excellent way to test out these high quality waxes and pick your favorite. You can sample all eight panel pots (Straight 8) or try all four of the soft waxes (Soft 4) or all four of the hard waxes (Hard 4). For the best value you can try the larger 250ml sizes as well.

Dodo Juice Soft vs. Hard Wax
Dodo Juice makes both soft and hard waxes. Generally speaking both kinds of wax perform relatively similar in that they provide outstanding protection and a really deep shine. Some of the slight differences are that the soft waxes can be applied with your bare hands or an applicator. They also generally offer just a little bit deeper gloss than the hard wax. The hard waxes are applied with an applicator and offer slightly more durable protection. For more information about the soft and hard waxes check out the Dodo Juice informational page (at the bottom).

Dodo Juice Color Specific Waxes
One of the most popular questions I get is "What is the best wax for my (pick a color) paint?". Dodo Juice helps answer that question by offering you several different kinds of waxes that specialize in getting the maximum shine for your specific color paint. Please look at our Dodo Juice informational page to see what wax will work best for your paint or simply just ask me.

Other Dodo Juice Products
Dodo Juice has many other detailing products beyond waxes and many brand new products. Please check out some of these outstanding products:

NEW - Time To Dry - Highly effective quick detailer drying agent that accelerates the drying process while making it safer

Born to be Mild - pH balanced and ultra concentrated shampoo, tons of suds

NEW - Sour Power - ph balanced and ultra concentrated shampoo that enhances gloss while washing, tons of suds

Lime Prime Pre-Wax Cleanser - a chemical polish with ultra light polishing particles to remove ultra light imperfections while cleaning the surface, best used before a sealant or wax

Lime Prime Lite Cleaner Glaze - a chemical polish and glaze that cleans the surface while leaving a beautiful shine behind, best used before a sealant or wax is applied

Need For Speed Cleaner Wax - AIO product, chemically polishes the surface and leaves a coating of glossy wax

NEW - Red Mist Tropical Detailer Spray - Adds a ridiculous amount of shine to any coating of wax or sealant on your paint with this quick detailer, perfect maintenance product in between details

NEW - Born Slippy Clay Lube Concentrate - The best value for clay lube, dilute up to 10:1 for exceptional value, ultra slick and highly effective

I highly encourage you to try some of these products and see why Dodo Juice is one of the fastest growing brands in the high end automotive detailing industry. If you have any questions about the Dodo Juice products please let me know I'd be happy to help you.

Greg @ Detailed Image 07-19-2009 10:37 AM

Re: 20% OFF All Dodo Juice Products at through 7/20
Only one more day left to save 20% off on the Dodo Juice products. Offer expires at midnight on 7/20 (EST).

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