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whatevrworks 10-05-2010 05:42 PM

More Water Problems
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Ok, I am posting this here for informational purposes, not to bash jeep but so that other owners are aware of the experience. I had water coming through the roof near the homelink overhead console and overhead map light. I brought it to the dealer here a couple of weeks ago and posted the results in another area of the forums. But to recap: the dealer here does water leak work only once a week they have a contracted company "Water Doctor" that comes in and does their magic to find the source of leaks. Well when I took it in they said one of the drain hoses was installed wrong for the sunroof and also kinked. Also the seal on the sunroof was installed wrong and this caused to to be worn/deformed so they replaced it as well.

Well I tested the car with the hose when I washed it and everything seemed great. We got a ton of rain last Wednesday (September 29th) and I had another river coming from the same area (I guess the built in shower was a bonus option!). I was pissed and brought it back to the dealer. At first they claimed they could only work on it on Tuesdays when the water guy came in. I demanded to speak with the manager of the entire service department. He was not there but they volunteered to try to contact the water guy. He was in the area but was unable to come until the next day (Thursday September 30th). The service lady was able to get authorization from the boss for a rental car for me. When I finally was able to get back to the dealer later on Wednesday I talked to the big boss and showed him the issue. I explained that this needed to be made right and until then it needed to be kept inside to prevent further damage. I also said the headliner and whatever else was stained or damaged needed to be replaced or fixed. He said they would work on it but gave me a song and dance about having to get authorization to replace the headliner or other items under warranty if it was from water damage.

I left that Wednesday with a rental car from Enterprise and decided to call Chrysler customer service (believe it or not there is a "Vehicle Complaint" option voice prompt) just to make sure they knew about my problems. The lady on the phone stated I was the first (supposedly) 2011 complaint they had. I explained the problem and she said I would be contacted by a case manager.

The next morning (Thursday) I got a call from Detroit a "case manager" he said he had authorized a rental car for 5 days and they would do longer if needed. He gave me a direct line and said if I had questions to call at any time. Later that day the big boss from the dealer called and said he had several calls from Chrysler inquiring about the status of the jeep. He said they had determined that it was the windshield leaking around the edges now. The next day (Friday October 1st) they sent the car to a auto glass place down the road. According to the service director the plan was to try to pull out the windshield install new adhesive and seals and reinstall. He stated that there are no aftermarket windshields available and that they had to be ordered directly from Chrysler and the goal was to try to remove and replace without breaking so a new windshield would not have to be ordered. I asked why they could not order one ahead of time incase it broke. He stated they would not because if they do not use it they are stuck with it. The glass people could not get to the car until Monday (October 4th) they broke the windshield trying to remove it. I got a call from the dealer saying they would have to order a new one and would keep me updated. Today Tuesday (October 5th) I get a call saying the new windshield *hopefully* will be here within 3 days and should be installed a day or two (they dont work weekends either) after that.

I called chrysler again today and tried to talk to my case manager he is out of the office until October 11th, and no other person to call other than the 800 number for customer service. Everyone I speak to there seems to insist that I should be happy I have a rental car and they "can understand my frustration". Unacceptable in my opinion. I have a 40K car sitting unusable and am driving a crappy compact for a week now and probably 2 weeks by time I am done. All because someone screwed up installing things in the factory. BOTH sunroof and windshield! I asked a customer service supervisor to call me back today but no one did as of yet. I expect in some way to be compensated for this mess. I have no idea how and I doubt it will happen but this is the worst experience I have had with owning 4 jeeps.

Also the water spent all night running down the front of the electric climate control area, the Nav/Radio and of course soaking the headliner. I can imagine I will also have issues down the road as well due to the water, premature rusting or corrosion of metal parts or electrical connectors. Attached are a couple of photos from my iphone although they dont do it justice. It was enough water coming though in a couple of hours to completely soak through about 4 terry cloth towels that I placed on the center console. Also about a 1-1.5 square area of the ceiling was wet enough to drip if I touched it.

Maybe MILOUS or another person with personal knowledge of the situation can enlighten us to any recourse.

jimoverland 10-06-2010 12:48 PM

Re: More Water Problems
Wow that's horrible...sorry to hear.

I wonder if there are others with this problem.

Chaoul1 10-06-2010 12:56 PM

Re: More Water Problems
Which Dealership did you take it to in Northern Virginia? Never take it to Farrish. They Fawked me over with my Jeep recall and some other stuff.

whatevrworks 10-06-2010 01:00 PM

It's sitting at Lustine they have been good in past with service although I bought elsewhere cause they didn't want to move on price. The problem here is not so much dealer as Chrysler/Jeep

chibianh 10-06-2010 01:09 PM

Re: More Water Problems
wow.. i'm sorry for your problems and hope things do work out. Would you possibly be able to use your local lemon law to maybe get a new vehicle since, as you mentioned, this could possibly lead to future problems? I've run my car through the wash a couple times now and haven't noticed any water leaking inside, and I hope it stays that way. Keep us updated, though.

whatevrworks 10-06-2010 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by chibianh (Post 280231)
wow.. i'm sorry for your problems and hope things do work out. Would you possibly be able to use your local lemon law to maybe get a new vehicle since, as you mentioned, this could possibly lead to future problems? I've run my car through the wash a couple times now and haven't noticed any water leaking inside, and I hope it stays that way. Keep us updated, though.

I probably could do the lemon law but already tinted and also don't want to wait several months more. Also I believe they charge you for mileage driven too. Just want my vehicle fixed and at this point a lifetime bumper to bumper since it's only been a month and these are some serious problem who knows what's left to find.

whatevrworks 10-09-2010 08:45 AM

Re: More Water Problems

I finally got my jeep back last night. Windshield was replaced with OEM windshield. 10 days later hopefully I will have a watertight vehicle now. They must have felt they needed to do some serious ass-kissing since they missed that leak the first time. Then washed my car, tire shine, and everything. Even neatly folded my heatshield (windshield sun shade), and the soaked towel I was using to sop up the water was dried and neatly folded for me in the back. It was kind of late and no one from service was there I had to get the keys from the cashier. I took a very close look at the windshield and the entire car looking for anything they screwed up or scratched or did sloppy and everything looks ok for now.

Chrysler will be sucking up the 280.00 for the rental car.
I will let you know if I have any further problems.

I also was in contact with Ed Garsten (head of Electronic Media Communications for Chrysler) and I relayed the problems and overall bad experience to him. He said that he would be forwarding up the the appropriate people.

I noticed none of the familiar insiders on here commented on this particular situation. hmmmmmm

JoeSchmoe007 10-09-2010 09:00 AM

Re: More Water Problems
I suggest you still check your moonroof drain hoses. Park car on horizontal surface (important!) and just squirt some water in the drain holes near the edge of the sunroof (on my ZJ they were in the corners). If it doesn't drain to the ground immediately - you still have a problem.

whatevrworks 10-11-2010 10:19 PM

Not sure if I'm supposed to be posting this or not but think it's right to show chrysler did the right thing.

The case manager Marvin called me today and they genuinely seemed concerned with my experience. Explained what had been done for repairs (although I already had this info). Also offered to pay one months payment on the jeep. I am financed through USAA rather that Chrysler but said just mail them the statement and they will cut me a check.

I countered that I wanted the lifetime bumper to bumper instead. He said that " that was significantly more than the single payment" and that he did not have a problem but would check with warranty people. And let me know today or tomorrow. He called me back within a few hours and confirmed they had converted my lifetime powertrain (purchased at dealer at time of sale) to lifetime max care. Said I would get a new warranty packet in mail within 30 days.

I paid 1000 for my lifetime powertrain and the Chrysler warranty site quoted me 2100 for bumper to bumper. So basically they gave me 1100 for my troubles.

Overall all is good. I wish I didn't have the problems I had but everything is in like new condition again and I am glad they stood by their product. Overall very happy in the end.

DieselvRR 10-12-2010 06:06 AM

Re: More Water Problems
wow....thats awesome. I agree, Chrysler came through on this one.

rdalcanto 10-12-2010 07:45 AM

Re: More Water Problems

robpp 10-12-2010 07:53 AM

Re: More Water Problems
and your remark about INSIDERS............

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