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cmn1 10-08-2010 01:03 PM

Brake pads tried for SRT8
Here is my personal review of the brake pads I have used. I am only commenting on front pads because the rears last longer and I don't change them until it is necessary

Stock-- Good stopping power. Bad for dust. I have used them twice on track days. they hold up pretty well and don't dust as bad when driving around a course like a maniac. Would not buy again unless they can be found for $100. Dealer prices are ridiculous.

EBC Yellowstuff-- Good stopping power. Less dust than stock. Track day pad. Works best when warmed up. These pads disappeared in 65 miles on Road America. While I was driving home I hit metal and ruined the rotors. The pads work good but they are short lived. If I need to buy 2 sets for a track day, they are not the pads for me. I would not buy these again either but mostly due to their short life span. I also contacted EBC and they stated that I should only get around 2-3 sessions out of them but that was after my road course. They were right but if I went out on the track one more time I might have been in a wall or worse.

Bendix MKD 1149-- Very similiar to stock in every facet. Rumor has it that Bendix makes the pads for our Brembos at a price less than the dealers. I believe these pads cross reference to the LX vehicles in case you look them up and do see them for the Jeep. I would buy these again if I had to but there are better options around the price point which is $100 or below. They held up good at the track. Still had 1/2 left when I returned home.

Hawk HPS-- Worse than stock stopping power. Great for all the less dust guys. These have to be the worst pads I have had so far. It didn't matter if they were warm or cold, they just didn't stop very well. I would not buy these again either but that is due to the increased stopping distances. I know R1 concepts like recommending them but I don't.

StopTech-- Better than stock stopping power. Less dust than stock but not less than or equal to the Hawk HPS. These pads from the moment I went to bed them, I was shocked. I always bed my brakes in the same area and know where I usually had to stop to get to the stop sign. Time and time again I was stopping (not a complete stop) well before the sign. At the track it was the same deal. I could go deeper into the corners than I have ever been before. They held up well with 1/2 the pads left after the track. I would buy these again, in fact, I have bought a full set for my next change.

I hope this helps with some options for the guys wanting to make a change.
Also, none of my pads have ever squealed so I am not the one to ask about noise. I think that my driving style is a lot different than most on here so that would be the main reason. I also experimented with my last change by not using any anti squeal on any of the pads(front/rear) and the only time I get any noise is in reverse and stopping really slowly(5-0mph).

Scottina06 10-08-2010 02:03 PM

Re: Brake pads tried for SRT8
I dont know if you want others to add their experiences...but I will move them if so.

I have the Wagner thermoquiets on the front and they are similar to your description of the Bendix. The only squeal I get is in reverse.

I also had the CTS-V oem pads on the rear and the brake dust was a little annoying...but no squeal. I now have the Stillen pads and they are very low dust and no squeal.

I may try the stop techs on the front next

cmn1 10-08-2010 03:38 PM

Re: Brake pads tried for SRT8

Originally Posted by Scottina06 (Post 281405)
I dont know if you want others to add their experiences...but I will move them if so.

Others can most definitely add to this post just as you have done.

DCSpecial 10-09-2010 07:38 AM

Re: Brake pads tried for SRT8
Good info. I have driven Chad's jeep with the StopTechs on it and it does stop very nicely. Those will be what I go with.

Only ones I've tried:
Akebono Euro Ceramic rear pads (meant for the rear of a 06 Cadillac CTS-V): Couldn't tell any difference when I swapped them on in terms of braking, very little dust and no noise.

king 10-16-2010 01:44 AM

Re: Brake pads tried for SRT8
Good to know. Thanks for the info.

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