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Marbs 10-11-2010 02:15 PM

3.7 mods?
I am trying to get more out of the girls Jeep. I have been reading and have found the following mods: Air resonator delete, intake, TB, PowerWire, Exhaust, 180 T-Stat.

I have an aftermarket muffler as I read that's all that is needed for the 3.7, but can anyone tell me more about the best CAI's (or WAI'S), if I where to get another MAF and get it Ported myself what size should port it too, what exactly is a power wire and where can I get one, and can I get the 180 T-Stat at any auto parts store or do I need to order one from somewhere special?

Sorry for so many questions but You guys know more about Jeeps then I do. I know how to work on cars, but I'm new to the Jeep world so any and help is appreciated.

robpp 10-11-2010 02:58 PM

Re: 3.7 mods?
some of thwe 3.7 guys remove the big intake muffler thing that says 3.7 and replace that with a Liberty intake flex tube. then they use the airraid/k&n/ you pick for the rest.
you can usually swap the sensors so you dont need a new AIT/IAT.

sleepy 4.7, vendor here , can port the tb. just a clean up is all that needed. a slightly bigger bore but nothing dramatic.

power wire is a wired resistor tricks the 'puter you air is colder than it really is. sop it works best in hot weather........ok mesa, yeah the power wirte may help you. it plugs between the intake sensor and its plug;easy install

theromostat- i think any would work. lots use the Jet one but I dont think it necessary. ALSo look into a locking 18 lbs rad cap. the OEM ones suck and leave spray all over the place.


im sure once they realize a girl is asking questions you'll have more answers than you know what to do with. the bottom line is, specially without a supership or other programmer, yhe gain are going to be limited. should get some but remember your pulling around a 5,000 pound brick with a little 6. aonly so much can be done.

DJ BoNiOmArIo 10-11-2010 03:46 PM

Re: 3.7 mods?
What Rob says is correct ... there is one more thing to do the 3.7L Jim w/ MHP can reporgram the PCM for a good tune and that's the limit

Marbs 10-11-2010 04:39 PM

Re: 3.7 mods?
Where can I get a power wire? Who is Jim w/ MHP? Any idea on the price of said items?

robpp 10-11-2010 06:19 PM

Re: 3.7 mods?
power wire is like 60 bux

power wire

no idea about the tuning. easily a few hundred but contact them.


WSP Jeep 10-14-2010 07:59 PM

Re: 3.7 mods?
Getting a ported TB was the best mod I have done for my 3.7. My other mods include the powerwire, a muffler, and a amsoil drop in air filter.

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