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jasonjsl 10-19-2010 08:07 PM

Autolumination Quality/service?
I want to hear from anyone who has dealt with these folks in the past.......Good bad or in between

robpp 10-19-2010 09:44 PM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
i bought a few things. never had a problem. I have never tried to contact them or replace anything......

pmpn8ez 10-20-2010 09:19 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
they sent me a bad led bulb for my rear fog bumper lenses (the expensive 20 dollar each one!)

5 days after contacting them, they sent an email telling me to send it back, but if they found it was working correctly or was an issue where it needed a resistor......I would be responsible for the price of a new bulb and shipping

I just ordered a different bulb from a different company...........wasnt worth the risk of having to pay for ANOTHER 20+shipping if there was a polarity issue........

jasonjsl 10-20-2010 09:31 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
Its all starting to make sense...Does the name Tracy ring a bell?

pmpn8ez 10-20-2010 09:33 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
no clue bro, dont remember.......this was back in Jan/Feb 2010

seemed like an automated email response to me.....trying to scare people from returning things with added charges risks!

White WK Swagga 10-20-2010 09:34 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
I've had a good experience with them. (Knock on wood) I got the 60led switchbacks and I hav bright white chrome turn signal bulbs that worked fine.

pmpn8ez 10-20-2010 09:39 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
I never had a problem with them in the past!

I ordered many bulbs from them for the 300 and Charger

the problem I have now with them and why I have stopped using them is their tactic of how they handle returns IF you do get a bad bulb!!!!

if you get a bad bulb, they should swap the bulb for free.........

jasonjsl 10-20-2010 09:46 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
Of course they should....especially at 29.99 each. Im trying to find a contact number for this company and no dice....i told the lady the problems im having and all she can tell me it that it must be my vehicle thats causing the bulb to be send out with a dead and on a set of sb 60s one of the bulbs has a row of leds that illuminate amber when the bulb is lit up all white. clearly this row of leds are wired wrong in the bulb itself...but again, it must be my vehicle causein this...lmfao. as of now the lady tracy hasnt even offered to replace them... im going to mail them in one at a time that way if they say theres nothing wrong with them then at least their cheap asses will have to pay shipping twice to ship my bulbs back to me...These people are messing with the wrong person...i Will get my 2 new replacement bulbs!

pmpn8ez 10-20-2010 09:54 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?

thats the same tactic they took!! LOL

they said it was my car

I was like I switched it side to side and even tried them in a different car and it was always the same bulb that would light dim!!!

they offered to replace it, but gave me the scare tactic!!

I just dropped it and ordered from a diff company!!!!!!!

I wont order from them anymore.........

jasonjsl 10-20-2010 10:07 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?

I am not sure what the problem is, or why you are having it.

When you get the new bulb installed, if that corrects the problem, then email me and I will provide you an RMA for a return on the original.

Thank you.

Hello Tracy,

I recieved the new bulb over the weekend, however i noticed that when the bulb is illuminated white, there are a row of leds lighting up amber. I tested the first bulb with a meter and it is shorted out. I now have 2 bulbs that do not work that i need an RMA for (the original and the replacement i purchased) again these are the led switchback 60/60s a/w. please call me if you need anything.

jason laperle


You ordered two different types of 3157 Switchbacks

The first order was for:

Qty Item Options Price
2 Switchback
Item # SMT Tower 60Led Color: Amber-White (AW)
Type: 3157 Wedge
$59.98 USD

The second was for

Qty Item Options Price
1 Switchback
Item # SMT Tower 60Led Color: Amber-White (AO)
Type: 3157 Wedge
$29.99 USD

They function differently. They won't behave the same way on the signal cycle. They are not the same bulbs.

I am concerned also because you have burned out three of these bulbs one right after the other. Something at your end is causing these failures.

What do you have them installed in?


Thanks for the reply, you are correct in that i ordered the wrong bulb the seccond time around. Just to be clear...I purchased a pr (the first order) Only one of these doesnt work (lets call it bulb #1). After testing bulb with multimeter, i have diagnosed bulb #1 to have a dead short to ground (defective wiring of bulb)...i then decided to email you with the initial concern, at which point you instructed me to try the new bulb i ordered (lets call it bulb #2) and if that fixed the issue, contact you and you would issue me with a RMA...fair enough. Bulb # 2 arrives, I install bulb, everything works fine (with the exception that i ordered the wrong bulb) Except the fact that when the bulb is illuminated all white (no turn signal on) there is a row 3 or 4 leds that illuminate amber... the polarity of these amber lights appear to be wired reverse? So all said and done, bulb #1 has short...bulb #2 works but there is a row of leds that are amber when they should be it a bad luck of the draw or what have you. Im looking to have both bulbs replaced with the same bulbs as i originally ordered, being that ive read from alot of people on Jeep Garage Forums that you guys have great customer service. These are installed on a 2005 jeep grandchreokee... I am a professional elecrtician by trade and I am certain that there isnt anything wrong with my vehicle as i have tested all my electrical system to insure proper voltage, current across my circuitry. Also, I currently have stock oem turn bulbs installed and they work properly which elimantes the possibility of being within the elecrtical system of my vehicle. Just one bulb is shorted out, the other one lights up two colors (a/w) when only white should be illuminated...just to clear up the misunderstanding of "three blown bulbs". What do i need to do to get these sent back for you to send new ones? Do you guys have a phone number I can contact you at?



I dont think there is a defect in the second bulb. I think the only issue is that you have the wrong bulb there. It does not work the same way and the two bulbs you have won't work together properly.

The only way for me to check that is to test the bulb here. Leds don't work like an incandescent bulb, so testing like you would test an incandescent bulb does not always give you the complete answer.

So, I am still a little unclear. I think you are telling me the only "bad" bulb you have is the one from shipment number one that did not work correctly for you. The second one is not lighting in the same pattern as the "working" bulb and so you believe there is a problem with it.

Does that match what you are telling me?

I am now aware of the seccond bulb i ordered being diffrent in the sense of a/o vs a/w. This is not the problem i have with the specific bulb.The seccond bulb is clearly a defect. i can send you a picture of the bulb lit to show you what im talking about. ok, when the bulb is lit up white....not flashing or row of leds going from the top of the bulb to the bottom are lit up amber while all the others are lit up white. Im not questioning the a/o a/w bulbs as i know the talking about a amber strip of leds lighting up while all the other leds are white...I also understand that bulbs from each order are diffrent and wont work together, thats besides the issue im having...i can gladly send you the bulbs if you would like to test them but im 100% certain you will discover exactaly what im telling you. Again I can send you some pictures if you need otherwise i would like to send them in for replacement.

What a joke huh?

HemiDawg 10-21-2010 02:30 PM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
I replaced all interior bulbs in my X5 with autolumination bulbs and had no issues with them. I had no clue that LED bulbs had a polarity, so when a couple of them did not light up I emailed them and within 30 minutes got a response back telling me to turn the bulb around and sure enough it worked after that. Have been happy with them ever since.

jasonjsl 11-16-2010 10:20 AM

Re: Autolumination Quality/service?
Ok people...just received a package from A.L. they replaced both bulbs.I installed new bulbs with the required 3 ohm resistors and what do you know....they work perfectly! damn it feels good to be a

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