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DavidESchiller 10-22-2010 07:01 PM

Hemi is burning oil like crazy.
on monday night my driver window came off the track half way up. it's not very warm here so I hadn't been driving the Jeep because I haven't gotten it fixed yet. on tuesday I was bored and checked all of the fluids and the oil level was exactly where it should be. my last oil change was about a month, or 2,500 miles ago. and like I said, the oil level was perfect on tuesday. on wednesday I moved the truck from one side of the garage to the other. then today I moved it back, and I noticed there was a lot of smoke rolling out of the exhaust. I left it running while I went and got my camera (so like 2 minutes) and then I took the video then shut the truck off. now the oil line is just BARELY up to the end of the dipstick, way below the safe level.

the smoke looks white in the video, but in person it looks like there's a tinge of blue to it as well. there's no oil on the ground, or the block, heads, or anything. any thoughts on the insane amount of oil consumption?

dcjeepgc 10-22-2010 08:32 PM

Re: Hemi is burning oil like crazy.
Sounds strange to me. I would suggest that you check the oil again and reposition the dipstick in reverse to eliminate the possibility that the dipstick isn't redirecting somewhere at the base of the tube. To consume that much oil so quickly there could only be a few explanations. Oil is getting into the combustion chamber through the valve guide in the cylinder head, past the piston rings or through a cracked cylinder head, which would also introduce coolant into the combustion chamber to produce that whits smoke effect. Does the problem go away once the engine is completely warmed up?

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