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BEvensen 10-25-2010 12:28 AM

08' WK Amp Recommendation
So i currently have the 6 speaker kicker audio upgrade in my jeep with NO amplifier or sub woofer. I'm trying to find a good amp too install but i'm not sure what to buy. Any help on what kind of amp to buy would be great, also a wiring kit recommendation would be nice. Thanks.

robpp 10-25-2010 09:36 AM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
this to add the amp to your stock stereo if you have a stock premium sound system you can use

and if you have no amplifier from the factory you use this one:

BEvensen 10-25-2010 11:45 AM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
Okay cool and so that second harness will work with any amp i buy?

robpp 10-25-2010 12:14 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
im reading it as such, but I am not gonna guarantee anything bro :rolleyes:

please do your own homework. this is the internet. I know PAC make harrnesses that work with our WK Jeeps. I put in your year, i read the descriptions and chose what I THINK will work but check it out before putting down your hard earned money.

if everything is as you say and was that way when the jeep was new then that will work:D

BEvensen 10-25-2010 12:26 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
I'm sorry i'm not lazy or anything but this stuff is like another language to me lol. I just want to make sure i'm buying the right stuff. I have no amp harness in my car as of now. So if i purchase a PAC harness and wire it correctly, all i have to do is plug it to the amp and i'm good to go?

robpp 10-25-2010 12:33 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
yes. this will go into the back of the Head Unit. it says its for Jeeps that DID NOT HAVE AN AMP FROM THE FACTORY? Can you answer that 100%? if not, then that is risk. the top link says ONLY JEEPS came with amps. so you need to know. Period. if you are unsure or have some doubts, go to the dealer and ask for a build sheet. they can print them right out. its a list from the factory of every bit and piece that was in youer WK when it left the factory. but if you the original owner of course or have the window sticker....then you will KNOW.

google will also find you an online link to jeep where by submitting your vin and some other info they send you the build sheet

Which one do you have?
a full list is here:

BEvensen 10-25-2010 12:44 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
I'm almost positive that my jeep didn't ever have an amp in it, but i sent an email to jeep asking for the build sheet. Hopefully that will address that situation. Also i have the RES Radio currently.

robpp 10-25-2010 01:46 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
ok then you should be good to go with the one replied to me in about 2 days with my sheet when i asked. so might as well wait a few.

BEvensen 10-26-2010 05:30 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
So i went to an audio store to gain a little more information on amps and such. I was told that i can hook a RCA line out converter to my headunit and run rca cables to my amp. Then continue to wire the rest of the amp. Amp to ground, amp to battery, etc. Can anyone confirm this would work?

GR33N D3M0N 10-26-2010 05:34 PM

You could, but that would require some hacking of the factory cables I would think...

BEvensen 10-26-2010 05:36 PM

Re: 08' WK Amp Recommendation
Does the pac harness do the same thing as a line out converter? Would it be easier to install the harness?

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