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Robert Palmer 07-15-2009 07:27 PM

Jet 180 Problem
Lately when I am in the city when I am beating the snot out of the 5.7 (Not a 6.1 but uses the same Jet 180) my temps are still out in the 200-210 range but once I get on the highway, the temp drops to almost the 1/4 mark.

Any ideas on what the problem is?


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Hmmmm maybe it is because the 5.7's have the hydraulic fan and they are not adjustable?


mjl2610 07-15-2009 08:39 PM

Re: Jet 180 Problem
Dont those fans turn on when the coolant temps reach 195*? Unless you have it set for the fans to come on at a cooler temp, why would it. So perhaps it will stay cool or as cool as it can persay, but when you are stomping on it its going to get really hot no matter what until the fans come on to cool it down?

I mean in my case, the clutch fan is always running and then the electric fan will come on once the ac is on or the temps reach 195* i believe.

BUBBADOG 07-15-2009 09:14 PM

Re: Jet 180 Problem
Joe i have a 180 jet stat,all ALUM radiator,tranny cooler,alum huges deep trans pan,And my 5.9 still runs 210-215 when its kinda of hot and i beat the chit out of it lol...Now it cool's back off faster than before...But thats the nature of the beast

Robert Palmer 07-15-2009 09:15 PM

Re: Jet 180 Problem
I realize that it is because the 5.7's have no damn electric fans. :(

And yeah Bubba I realize that it is very quick for it to cool down now.

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