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TheNotoriousROB 11-03-2010 05:32 PM

2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
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I took possession of my 2011 Stone White Overland with Off Road II about a month ago (after waiting 11 weeks from order date), so I thought I'd provide some feedback. I have 800 miles on it, mostly city driving, and I'm averaging 13.2 mpg. The only thing I've had done to it since purchase is a 20% front windows tint job, which looks perfect (see pic). Now, onto a few points:

:)Awesome design. I traded in a WJ, which, in my opinion, looks more like the WK2 than the WK. I've been getting looks all over town, even a few "Nice Jeep!" comments at red lights.
:)Engine. Love the Hemi, and absolutely glad I went with it over the V6. I've been to the mountains once (live in Denver), and this beast laughed at the hills on I-70. My complaint with the V8 (235hp) engine I had before, was that it seemed to struggle over some of the high passes here. Not the case with the Hemi.
:)Quadra-Lift. Glad I waited for this feature, it's worth it. I've found myself driving around town mostly in auto, but occasionally, I'll put it in Off Road 1 when I come to some streets near me with big dips, and it smooths them out. I've also driven in Sport mode, which lowers the car, and you can definitely feel the center of gravity lower. Park mode is nice as well, and you can activate it as long as you're going under 15mph, so by the time you're in your garage, it's done. Overall I feel like the ride is smooth, yet tight. Doesn't feel like a boat around corners, so it handles well.
:)Gas tank, I love the increase in size over my WJ - about 5 gallons. You get a little 'ouch factor' at the pump, but then again, you aren't stopping as often.
:(Braking. I know this is one heavy-ass Jeep, but the brakes aren't as grabby as I like. A week in, I was used to it, but I'd rather have more grip than not.

:)Overall Look inside. It's very clean and refined. Ergonomically I can't complain either, with the exception of the radio controls (see negs). Love the leather dash and the real wood. I've always loved the controls on the back of the steering wheel, they are the best of anything out there, IMO. I like the USB connection even though it's painfully slow, and the seamless ipod integration is nice (though I just realized it's always on when connected - even when the car is off). Love the blue interior lighting as well, they put some thought into it - lighting the door wells and cupholders in the center console are nice touches. Glad they left the little spot to pull the door closed as well, that's where I've put my phone for the last 10 years or so.
:)Heated steering wheel, Heating/Ventilated Seats. Love the cooled seats when it's warm, and the hot steering wheel when it's cold. I'll use these features all the time.
:)One move, fold flat seats. Not what I was used to and I like it. Also, the rear reclining seats really feel like you're sitting in the back of a Maybach, well, not really, but it does give you a feeling of more space.
:)Panoramic Sunroof. What a view from the back seats, and I love the extra light in the cabin.
:)Keyless entry/go/remote start. Only used remote start a few times and it worked perfectly, from about 150 feet away while I was at checkout in a store. If it's true about not needing the key after it's started (say, someone keeps the key from valet and you drive away), it seems a simple fix would not allow the car to be taken out of Park unless the key is in the cabin. I've had no issues unlocking doors and I love being able to leave the key in my pocket. I'm too used to this now, reaching for buttons on my wife's car that aren't there.
:)Sound system. Used to be Bose, not sure what it is now, but I think it sounds great. I've been in a lot of new cars and this factory sound system trumps them all.
:(Seats and steering wheel. Don't get me wrong, I love the heating and cooling features, but to me the seats aren't as comfortable as my WJ. They're too flat on the seat and seatback. There should be more side padding for more of a grip. Do you notice this or is it just me being picky? The wooden steering wheel is ok, I really could have cared less if it was wood or leather, but I don't like the size of the wooden part - it's too thick. The X5 (even Acura's MDX) have the perfect steering wheel with the 2 bulges at 10 &2, gives a perfect driving feel.
:(Radio/Nav. Yes, I love everything it can do, I just think it could have been laid out a lot differently. What's with everyone going away from real buttons? Give me a Tuner knob, no one wants to sit there tapping the screen 200 times. Yes, I've tried Voice Recognition, it's too slow. I want to be able to reach over and whirl that thing. And I'd like to just be able to hit preset 1-6 buttons. It could have been done below the screen, easily. The missing tuner knob could have doubled as a mini joystick to use for navigation. I'm still trying to figure out how to scroll the map over without using the arrows that pop up on the screen, painful. One more thing while I'm at it... the screen resolution is circa 1996. I appreciate having a gps, but at least give us a screen that's out on the market today. I uploaded a picture of my kids, and it looked like I had switched my computer screen to 16 bit color. It would provide so much more detail on the nav map.
:( Miss the right arm control lever that controlled the wipers in my WJ. I liked pushing it down to wipe once. Now that will activate a turn signal, and to wipe once, you need to twist the top part of the control stick. By the way, I noticed the DRL goes out when the blinker is activated for that side, I'm sure there's a reason - maybe the blinker is too close to the DRL. Looks like a light bulb is out though.
:(Chrome look on the interior, specifically, surrounding the air vents. Someone mentioned the sun reflecting off these things early on. I'm getting glare from the sun, but even worse is the reflection of them in the side mirrors. Don't like it, even though the recent tint helped a little.
:(Manual on CD. I know we can order one free, but come on, stop trying to please the treehuggers. Give me a full manual - with the purchase - so I can look up something if I need to when I'm camping sans computer.

Not sure about:
:confused: The EVIC. Can't decide if I like it or not. I do like the always-on compass and temp, but unsure where to leave it the rest of the time. If you are on the main screen which shows the radio station, it looks too cluttered. I've been driving around with the duplicate speedometer, how about you?
:confused: The light sensor which tells the car if it's night or day. I've been leaving every morning around sunrise, so it's bright enough outisde, but the car still thinks it's dark out. Therefore, the nav screen is in night mode (and stays in night mode). This has happened all week and the only way I can fix it is to go to the screen options, change it to daylight...exit.... then go back and change it to auto. Then it's fixed. Anyone having this issue, or is there a way to change the sensitivity?
:confused:HVAC controls. For some reason, my vent setting keeps going to the defrost/windshield setting instead of where I left it the last time, usually the direct vent setting. Not sure if this is tied to memory or not, or why it's doing it every now and then. Also, need to read a little more about getting the rear air going. Messed with it a few times, and it wasn't as straightforward as I thought it'd be.
:confused:Those damn yellow warning messages on the visors. Is there a way to remove these unsightly things? Is it against the "rules" like pulling a mattress tag? If not, help!

Overall, extremely happy about the purchase and glad I went with my 6th Jeep since '94!

N8Star 11-03-2010 05:40 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
Fantastic post. A lot of great info. Thanks for taking the time putting that all down. Never thought I'd be saying this but I'll be tinting my front windows as you did if and when my Overland with saddle interior ever comes in.

jonesark 11-03-2010 05:43 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
great write up....

moosehead 11-03-2010 05:49 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
Well done neighbor and fellow Buff.

Agreed on the nav/radio controls, interface, and screen. I'm afraid an expensive replacement is in the future, such as an Alpine with joystick.

I recall the brakes also came up on the MT comparison to the LR4, which had slightly bigger rotors.

Scottina06 11-03-2010 05:52 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
nice opinion

azzolij 11-03-2010 05:56 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
Excellent report. I especially agree with the tuner knob for the radio. Touch screens
are nice for the first 2 or 3 selections, then I just want to put my fist through the screen....

Milous 11-03-2010 06:05 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
Nice write-up, I especially agree about the "buttons", too many products these days require going to a menu to make changes, especially electronics.


Originally Posted by TheNotoriousROB (Post 295534)
Is it against the "rules" like pulling a mattress tag?

I have always pulled those stickers off my mattresses, the ONLY reason being that I am "not supposed to"!!

DJ BoNiOmArIo 11-03-2010 06:23 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
nice opinion

moosehead 11-03-2010 06:27 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
Does "nice opinion" mean nice post and the balanced review is appreciated, or does it mean one has a "different opinion"?

Just asking, I'd really like to know. Thanks.

chibianh 11-03-2010 06:31 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month
great write-up! have you taken it off-road at all? If so, what did you think?

azcats2 11-03-2010 07:32 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month

Originally Posted by TheNotoriousROB (Post 295534)
One more thing while I'm at it... the screen resolution is circa 1996.

this is my biggest issue also. it really looks like garbage

STIX 11-03-2010 07:47 PM

Re: 2011 Overland ORII @ 1 month

Originally Posted by azzolij (Post 295551)
Excellent report. I especially agree with the tuner knob for the radio. Touch screens
are nice for the first 2 or 3 selections, then I just want to put my fist through the screen....

The thing has like 15 preset slots. There's no need to be fumbling with a tuner knob. Just cycle through your presets on the steering wheel

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