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ssmoot 11-09-2010 12:20 AM

Lift a QL equipped WK2?
This is probably a stupid question, but here goes:

I have a Laredo X with QL. It feels like I could use another couple inches on some of these rutted trails. (see:

Is it possible, reasonable to add an additional lift? Don't ask me how I expect that'd be accomplished. ;-)

I'm just wondering if it's a completely crazy idea no one would ever consider, or if there are some QL equipped WK's running around with additional lifts and kits available for reasonable prices.

Thanks in advance...

PS: Maybe it's no so crazy to just get a set of steel wheels and bigger tires for the trail and get some additional height that way?

Marlin 11-09-2010 12:25 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
I think you'd be carving a new trail "lifting" a QL jeep mate ;)

Down the track there may be possibilities in "tricking" the height control system into extending further, and there may be spacer blocks for the top of the sping/shock unit to gain lift, but a lot of testing is between now and then I'd say. One major issue with going beyond factory height will be driveshaft length, or rather lack of it, with the new independant suspension all round.

I'd be going along getting your lift via tires until then :)

moosehead 11-09-2010 12:47 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
dayum ssmoot, that's one helluva strong workout for the new wk2 and a great first post.

looks like AT or MS rubber would help you a ton even at stock 30.5 diameter.

jeep2011 11-09-2010 07:15 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
Some add on's or updates to QL that would benefit the most:

Cross linked air springs: They would allow for the air to transfer to the opposite wheel when it is compressed pushing the other wheel down and mimicking a solid axle.

5th non selectable setting: sensing when the vehicle has bottom out and pumping the springs up another inch to free the jeep from the obstacle.

Robert Palmer 11-09-2010 07:29 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
Now that's an awesome first post.

cherokee619 11-09-2010 07:43 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
Wow! that sure looks like fun LOL. What trails are u at if u don't mind me asking.

chibianh 11-09-2010 09:02 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
awesome pics!! as for lifting a QL equipped Jeep, if it's possible, I'm sure we'll see an aftermarket kit or something within the next year or so..

ssmoot 11-09-2010 10:58 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
Thanks all. The pics were taken at Barnwell Mountain in East Texas ( I've never been off-roading in an OHV, but a couple guys we ran into there helped spot us through the trails so it couldn't have been a nicer way to get introduced to it.

I traded in a Volvo C70 because I wanted something more convenient for hauling my 2 year old son around. I saw the commercials for the JGC and I was sold. I don't generally think I'm a sucker for marketing, but the whole patriotic/make-stuff angle hooked me. ;-)

I guess I should probably steer clear of lifts. It's probably more appropriate to think about getting a Mule like ATV for the real toy someday.

The 265/60R18 tire size is a bit hard to find the popular tires for. I'm guessing I could go for something like 265/70R18 on steel and get the modest lift (or at least maintain height if I air down a bit) without much issue? That way I can clear the brake rotors, and have a set of trail only tires (so I'm not messing with the speedo).

That seem like a good idea to you guys? Or should I really be looking at 17"?

As far as tire choice, I've been looking at the BFGoodrich AT KO, General Grabber AT2, and Firestone Destination AT. I'm pretty sure I want an AT and not a MT. I'll probably drive the tires to the trails, so decent/livable highway ride for a few hours would be a plus. Also the most mud I hit is really not much more than overgrown puddles, 20 or 30' across generally. True "muddin'" out in some farmer's field isn't really my cup o' tea.

The Grabbers look great, but they seem to get the lowest marks for durability/quality.

The BFG seem very popular. The tread seems a bit narrow. Looks a bit odd in pictures. It gets high marks though. Maybe it's one of those things that doesn't look right until you see it in person.

The Firestones look a bit better than the BFG (maybe not as good as the Grabbers), and seem to get high overall marks. The only real negatives on most reviews appear to be price, but all these tires are in the $120/140 range, so not enough to sway me.

I don't want to sound like it's all about the looks, but wow some of the pictures on this forum make you realize what a mean looking upgrade a set of purposeful tires can be. :-)

Guess bottom line I'd really like the Grabbers, but the stories about tread separation, bulging beads, bubbles in the sidewalls, etc just seem a lot more common than on the other brands. Enough to worry me a bit. Anyone got any advice?

moosehead 11-09-2010 11:33 AM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
+1 to firestone destination at, hankook atm rf10, yokohama geolander at.

all are available in 265/60/18, all are reasonably priced inside $175 per corner. all have good reviews and positive member support on this forum.

others swear by the michelin at's, but you'll pay a premium.

parker 11-09-2010 12:21 PM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
Another second on the Firestone Destination AT's.

I've been running them on my 2001 Cherokee 2 years and they've been great. Everywhere from the backwoods of North Ga., Tenn. and N. Carolina to the back country of Yelleowstone and the Grand Tetons. Also the area around the Badlands of S. Dakota.

Great tire that hasn't let me down yet. Both street and trail.

dmlong47 11-09-2010 12:51 PM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
so far nothing that i know of. AEV was messing with a lift but say they wont do nothing with it. btw awesome pics!!!!

ssmoot 11-09-2010 02:36 PM

Re: Lift a QL equipped WK2?
I'm feeling better about the Firestones, and the Tirerack comparisons help. I think I'll see what the local Firestone shop can do for me. Thanks guys.

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