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Dumping my Audi Q5 for Jeep Grand Cherokee (Overland)
Hi Guys,

I have had the Q5 for less than a year and am already fed up with the inconsistant ride. I was in love with old Jeep Grand Cr from the early 2000s with the rounded body style. I love the 2011. I have never owned one. I want the Overland edition because, one, it seems to have higher ground clearance.

I am hoping to get some suggestions as far as which options to go with. I live in MA. Also, which exterior color looks like, depending on the light, like you are looking in the mirror, it charcoal or mineral grey? There is another thread on the forum that indicates you purchase the extended warranty via website for a lower price than from the dealer, is this the best approach? Can I do this after I sign vehicale purchase paperwork?

Thanks in advance!


GlowingGhoul 11-11-2010 11:21 AM

Re: Dumping my Audi Q5 for Jeep Grand Cherokee (Overland)
You can buy the extended warranty only after you buy the Jeep. They have to be able to find the VIN in the Chrysler 'system' with your name on it.

And yes, it is definately the best way to buy the warranty UNLESS your dealer will match the price. Go to the site, print out the price quote, and make sure to enter your correct email address becuase they will send you a coupon for $180 or $190 discount off the quoted price. Take both to the dealer.

DJ BoNiOmArIo 11-11-2010 11:23 AM

Re: Dumping my Audi Q5 for Jeep Grand Cherokee (Overland)
welcome ... the new Grand Cherokee is getting some awesome reviews check it out in our WK2 section

JoeSchmoe007 11-11-2010 11:25 AM

Re: Dumping my Audi Q5 for Jeep Grand Cherokee (Overland)
Overland doesn't have higher ground clearance all the time - only in "Off-Road" mode that cancels itself at speeds over 30MPH (not sure about the exact number) and brings vehicle back to the "regular" height.

You don't describe what ride inconsistencies in Q5 you are frustrated with. I think you need to do more research and several test-drives to be sure Jeep is really something you will like.

As for buying extended warranty - it can be done at any time while your car is still under factory warranty, however after 1 year/ 12,000 (???) miles you will pay $100-200 more. You can just get from the website or try to get your dealer match the price - a lot of them were willing to do so.

As for color - all we can tell is our preferences. I got Dark Charcoal with Black leather interior

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