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moosehead 11-14-2010 10:20 AM

Release the Hounds!
Suggest all WK2 owners ping K&N, Air Raid, Bwoody, others to get their CAI's cranked up faster, shouldn't be this much of a delay.

Mopar teased us with shots of their CAI from SEMA 2010, hopefully we'll see 'em by Xmas?

WK2 already has exhaust systems availability from magnaflow, and both corsa and borla will have theirs out shortly.

Let the big dogs eat.

wjs81866 11-14-2010 10:23 AM

Re: Release the Hounds!
yeah baby, big daddy needs to breath!

moosehead 11-14-2010 01:54 PM

Re: Release the Hounds!
Below is the K&N Customer link - send them a request for WK2 CAI.

moosehead 11-15-2010 10:28 AM

Re: Release the Hounds!
Impatience led me to consider using one of the Dodge LX 5.7L intake kits shown below, and adapting it to the 2011 JGC.

K&N Tech was reasonably sure that while the engine, driver's side intake setup, and air sensor would work properly with this unit, the intake tube and heat shield would not fit correctly. The JGC engine bay is narrower and smaller than the Dodge Challenger.

DIY might work fine by shortening the intake tube and clipping the heat shield to fit, but it would be optimal to wait. Unfortunately, K&N admitted they haven't even gotten a proto mule yet for the WK2 so it may be awhile.

Come on and step it up Mopar and Bwoody.

blackpepper 11-15-2010 12:12 PM

Re: Release the Hounds!
Just wait! Intakes are a sure-as-shit aftermarket product. If you're patient, they will come. It sounds like you're indulging.. :worried:

moosehead 11-16-2010 10:45 AM

Re: Release the Hounds!
^Good advice BP. Looking at the WK2 engine bay definitely convinced me to wait. The throttle body looks like it is a bit further forward in the vehicle, and at the same time the logical filter location is a bit further back, so a slight "S" curved intake tube may be in order.

Yea, I'm definitely guzzlin' the Jeep coolaid, it's a heckofa buzz. Heh.

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