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4.whoa 11-22-2010 10:12 AM

Crankcase air filter
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Every jeep I've owned has eventually sucked oil into the air filter, making a mess. I've noticed that others have this problem as well, someone even put a 2nd catch can on theirs to stop it. While that works,it's a little pricey so here's my low buck fix (5.7) :thumbsup:

Parts: molded heater hose D80394 $7.99 autozone
3/4"x 1/2" pex coupling 95283 $1.54 lowes
stainless U bolt 238500 $1.98 lowes
spectre breather 266500 $9.99 autozone
nyloc nut and washer for U bolt....had

Connect the breather to the heater hoses shorter end with the coupling,it's easier to do with a little liquid soap.

you will need to remove the relay box from its bracket( use a screwdriver to release clips) and pull it towards the engine. there isnt much slack in the wires so be careful.

Next drill a 1/4" hole in the relay box it 1/2" below the stepped edge ( I didn't the 1st time and had to re-do). Also on that bracket trim the engine side to allow room for the hose. I used a rag to help show the shape(view from the top.)

Install the Ubolt 2 1/2" below the bottom of the filter and snug the bolts. I cut the extra length off(but didnt measure it) the engine side can be real short, but the fender side needs to be longer for mounting.I used rtv underneath to keep the nuts from coming off.

Put the longer end in the hole in the bracket and secure with a nyloc nut and washer.

Connect other end of hose to vent line by oil fill and carefully put relay box back in place.

The other end of stock hose needs to be plugged/capped.
All done and it fits with the cover too :thumbsup: :wavey:

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