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Ricofrancois 11-23-2010 10:59 AM

New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods
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Hi Everyone

I am new to Jeep and the forum. I just bought a 2007 WK Laredo Adventure Edition. I couldn't find any reference to the Adventure Edition anywhere, however it doesn't seem to be much different than the base laredo except for leather seats and tags (see photos).

The main reasons for buying a Jeep were:

1- The WK look so much cooler than the competition!
2- We got a good deal (I think).
3- It's a Jeep!

I was used to a Ford Explorer 2002 XLT. The WK feels more like a car than a truck. Driving is so much more comfortable even though I have a bit less power than with the 4.0 Litre Explorer. The great thing is the car does break instantly compare to the heavy Ford.

As you can imagine, having bought a Laredo rather than a Limited, there are a few Mods I would like to make. This Forum was very helpful and I found most of the info I needed.

Here is the Mods list and questions I couldn't find the answer to in the forum:

1- Auto Dim Rear view mirrors: I got the mirror on ebay and after looking under the roof and in the columns, there is no harness in the 07 Laredo. Only 2 harnesses, Overhead console lights and Compass module. I am planning to hook the mirror through the compass module but couldn't find the harness diagram.

2- Sun Visor / Vanity Mirror Courtesy Light! They should really be there, even on the base model; Anyway got some on ebay and the harnesses are not there, so will hook them up to the overhead console lights.

3- Fog Lights / Auto Lights. I got the Fog Lights, ordered the stalk with fog and auto headlamps, the fuse, the relay and the sentinel sensor. I can't find the harness for the sensor under the plastic cap and I am wondering if it's there on Laredos. If it's not there, can it be added? where does it connect to?
I also couldn't find the fog light screw parts. so I will go and try find one that fits. Anyone knows the length?

4- HomeLink, I ordered the part on ebay from a chrysler 300 and this should be an easy direct replacement. There is a switch for the sunroof which I don't have and I am wondering if i could use this for something else. any ideas?

5- Last but not least, I have the basic audio unit with single cd and no rds. I would like to put a double din after market unit on a small budget. i would like GPS, Bluetooth Hand free, Ipod / Iphone connection and control, and video input for possible rear view reverse cam. Any advice on that?

Sorry for posting all in one thread. I should probably create 5 new threads!


DAVY27 11-23-2010 11:08 AM

Re: New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods
welcome to the forum! i think best is to create a new thread for each
As for the fogs, the wire for it is plugged into a empty bracket. just unclip it. after installing the fog and the stalk, you need a dealer to activate it with the Starscan.
I would recommend going with the MyGig for the gps,bluetooth... i think you an get a used one on ebay around $300-400?

Ricofrancois 11-23-2010 11:13 AM

Re: New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods
Thanks i will look into mygig. Re fog light, I found the harness fine. What I can't find is the harness for auto light under the dash.

LTrainGC 11-23-2010 11:32 AM

Re: New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods
There is no mention on wkjeeps about the adventure edition, but I did find this on wjjeeps:

Grand Cherokee Adventure Edition
(Custom leather interiors)

Katzkin Leather Interiors (Montebello, California) is a manufacturer of custom leather interiors for a wide variety of vehicles. A wide variety of different colors are available in a series designated as the "Jeep Grand Cherokee Adventure Edition". The high-quality leather seating material is designed to be installed with a minimal amount of stitching required. An exterior name badge is also included in the package. For further information visit Katzkin's web site.

jeff05wk 11-24-2010 07:59 AM

Re: New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods

Originally Posted by Ricofrancois (Post 306035)
small budget



Originally Posted by Ricofrancois (Post 306035)
GPS, Bluetooth Hand free, Ipod / Iphone connection and control, and video input for possible rear view reverse cam not go together well. Expect to spend at least $500 on the unit alone.

Clarion makes a pretty decent unit for around that price.

suzieque 11-24-2010 08:10 AM

Re: New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods
maybe your interior seat material quality is better than stock, if so, consider that a blessing! :)

Jana 06-05-2013 04:44 PM

Re: New WK Owner "Adventure Edition" Feedback + Mods
Very nice... I liked my Laredo but it's not a Adventure Edition - its a just a 2002 that seems lately to cost me more money lately than it used to. I just wonder what to do now. Any suggestions?

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