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justin1569 12-02-2010 11:30 PM

Heat for your feet?
I don't know about how much of the USA is experiencing true winter temperatures yet but up here in Alberta, it's definitely winter. One thing I've noticed is that when I have the climate control set to face/feet, my feet stay quite cold. It's only when I have it only on feet mode that they get warm.

I've looked and the blower/vent for the feet is tiny and up high and to the right. Seems odd to me as you'd think there'd be more hot air coming from there especially with the V8 creating some mega heat. Just my .02. I never had a problem with my ex '06 for warming up my toes. Then again I've never really noticed...when you buy brand new you notice everything I guess...

Anyone else? I hope I'm not alone on this one...actually I do, because then it's a problem that I can get fixed.:)

StoneCold 12-03-2010 03:31 AM

Re: Heat for your feet?
I've noticed this seems to differ from car to car. Some vehicles the heat will practically melt your shoes and others barely any heat at all.

My Jeep at the moment is quite good on the feet setting, but I've had better and we're down to -20C over here.

Cherodude 12-03-2010 04:31 AM

Re: Heat for your feet?
Not enough experience with the WK2 yet, but I've had this problem on my past three Jeeps. The floor vents were too high and aimed at your shins not your toes. I fixed them by custom cutting the air box to enlarge the floor outlet to allow more air out at a better angle (Dremel tool).

BUT, I'm not encouraging this on a brand new GC. Such a drastic step should be saved for last and taken in stages. The dealer may be able to adjust blend door or have another method to solve. Give them a chance first.

PS - Yeah, but its a dry cold out there. (I bet you get tired of hearing that one!)

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