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95_V8_ZJ 12-04-2010 05:50 PM

Another one of my Jeep Mods, yeah, i have toooo much time on my hands. i absolutley HATE not having a job. but anyway, wednesday after i fixed all the dents in the hatch from RR, i kept thinking how cool it would be if i could have my pillar back, and not have a 2inch gauge staring back at me all the time. i looked down at my cluster and well, after a few minor sessions of plastic removal from dash, and cluster, this is what i came up with.

my plan is to swap that one out for this one to match:
and add this one on the other side beside my Oil PSI factory Gauge:

or these style gauges

my theory on each is that, with the Tinted 7 (the one that is invisible when Off) is that, when you look in you dont know that they are there, sleeper look

with the other style (Black 7) it will look just like the factory gauges that ZJs come with...

those should match the factory black style pretty dang good.

hacking up a perfectly good dash, i got sick to my stomach, cause if i messed up, i was gonna have to put my other cluster in that says my Jeep only has 80K miles instead of 170K

FWIW behind the gauge, in the Jeep, there is a tube for a vent (either for the door, or the defrost) and the EXACT spot i had to cut away, is where that hose mounts to the dash part (right below where the tweeters are, if youve taken it apart you'll know that i mean when i say dash, that i mean the entire piece that goes from pillar to pillar) and the screw i had to cut away (the head of the screw is faced away from you) so that the gauge would go down inside.

What do yall think??
and i have a burned out Hi Beam indicator and did i remember to replace it HECK NAW. dang it.

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