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gsingh55 12-07-2010 04:06 PM

Wiring/Power Requirements?
I just installed the Lockpick V.3 in my WK2.
install went well and everything is working.
now I am thinking about installing some screens in the back- still trying to figure out the best way to do this as the jeep has the active headrests so cutting into the headrest is out- so if anybody has any good suggestions I'll take them-

but I'm still in the "thinking about/planning" phase so my question is about power and wiring...
the lockpick comes with two power wires that can be used-
a 12V constant and 12V accoutput--below is the text from the lockpick documentation...

7. Also present on your Lockpick harness is a 12V ACC output connection. This ACC output is created by the Lockpick and can be used as a convenient 12V switched power source for many of your accessories. It is rated for a constant 2.5 AMPs and will automatically turn on and off at the proper times of your vehicle use. If your power needs are greater than 2.5 Amps, you may use the CONSTANT 12V output conveniently provided by the Lockpick harness and switch it on and off through a relay powered by the ACC power output of the Lockpick harness.

I was thinking about an Apple TV, wireless router, and screens in the back-
Apple TV because now with the Airplay feature you can stream any video from your iphone or ipad to the screens connected - although I just realized apple TV only outputs HDMI.... hmmm might not work-
But regardless if I understand correctly - and I probably do not-
if the conversion of Amps to Watts is: Watts = Amps x Volts
so 1 amp * 110 volts = 110 watts
the lockpick has 2.5 amps *12 volts = 30 watts?
the apple TV takes 6W and if the router and screens all add up to < 30 watts can I just use the ACC power output to set this up? or even if it's > use the constant(but how would that help with higher power demand if it's still only 30 watts??)
or is using the power from the lockpick not recommended for something like this? then why is it provided?

any help or advice would be appreciated, thanks

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