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GiggityGiggity 12-08-2010 07:45 AM

Belts in cold weather
My Jeep whines like a banshee when its cold or damp out. I hate the noise, so try and make it go away I'll spray some lube on the belts and the noise goes away. I'll go inside to let the truck warm up for a few minutes, when I come back the squealing is again present but so is a ticking/chattering noise now. I'll lube up the belt again and most of the chatter will die down and so will the squealing. Until I engage drive and then it starts up again and its quite loud. After about a 20-30min drive the noise goes away on its own.

Any idea what could be causing this? Tensioner? Idle pulley? Alternator?

nwb300 12-08-2010 03:58 PM

Re: Belts in cold weather
I had to replace my belt tensioner pulley on my 97' grand cherokee because the bearings were going bad and making a squealing ticking noise. You might want to check that or get yourself a gatorback poly-v belt. They are cross cut to help prevent the noise. I had one on a grand am and it lasted for a long time and never squealed.

camjeeps 12-08-2010 04:01 PM

Re: Belts in cold weather
I'm having the same problem with my GC. It only does it in the cold and it goes away when I step on the gas. As soon as I let off of the gas, it comes back. Mine also goes away after 20 minutes. Its really annoying.

Frango100 12-08-2010 04:45 PM

Re: Belts in cold weather
Its indeed good to check the idler and tensioner pulley bearings, because after a long time of duty they lost all the lubricant and just run dry. This makes some strange noise and causes them to wear out quickly. The noise however is normally not that well known squeeling one. It can also cause the bearing to cease and ruin the pulley and belt. So just remove the tension of the belt by turning the tensioner pulley with a wrench and take the belt of the idler and tensioner pulley. Then just rotate both pulleys by hand to see if they have a lot of play and if they run dry. When they are dry, you can hear it clearly. I had it on mine and its possible to remove the inner dust cap of the bearing (just pry it gently with a knife or something sharp, taking care not to puncture or damage the cap), clean the bearing in some degreaser and fill it again with some Lithium grease. Put the cap back on and you are ready to go. If there is too much play, its better to change the pulley with a new one, since you can´t replace the bearing separately.
If both are bad and the tensioner doesn´t look too good as well, you can better replace the whole assy.
What also can be is that the belt is stretched too much and the tensioner is at its end of the tensioning range. You can see that on the tensioner itself. It has an endstop which should not be touched. You can see 2 marks on the tensioner and the reference mark should be between both. If not between both marks,replace the belt, its then stretched too much.
The belt can also be brittle or grazzed, which also lowers the friction coëfficient and the belt will slip, also change the belt.
And ofcourse the tensioner spring itself can become weaker, also lowering the tension.

cheapjeep 12-08-2010 10:36 PM

Re: Belts in cold weather
If you gays have an Advance or Autozone nearby try their CRC belt dressing and spray it on the ribbed side. If the noise goes away and stays gone its probably time for a new belt. If not like Frank says its probably the tensioner pulleys or alt.

Chuck 12-09-2010 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by cheapjeep (Post 314335)
If you gays have an Advance or Autozone nearby try their CRC belt dressing and spray it on the ribbed side. If the noise goes away and stays gone its probably time for a new belt. If not like Frank says its probably the tensioner pulleys or alt.

Hey Klutch and Marlin prefer the term homosexual. lol

GiggityGiggity 12-09-2010 08:25 AM

Re: Belts in cold weather
I was pretty sure it could of been idler or tension pulley. I'll look into this. I checked the belt before I posted this thread, it seems to be in very good condition but I'll check the markings to see if there is any stretch.

I have to say, aside from some little things here and there (Blend doors not being little in terms of labour to repair but I got heat, I just gotta turn the blend doors by hand from the glove in the morning lol) and even with 200K on the odometer the WJ has been very very well maintained. In fact, its been under warranty its entire life until I bought it a few months ago. Hopefully this is a simple in expensive fix. Thanks guys!

cheapjeep 12-09-2010 01:19 PM

Re: Belts in cold weather
Wtf.....oh....oops....sorry GUYS I was typing from my phone

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