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UNCjeepWK2 12-09-2010 07:59 AM

Keyless go/lock issues...
Is anyone having some issues with the keyless lock button on the door handles as well as the car once in a while not recognizing the key to start for a time or two?

The keyless door-handle lock buttons work maybe 75% of the time... but I usually have to press it 2-3 times... sometimes more, for it to lock the car.

Also, the car recognizes the fob probably 90% of the time, but once in a while, especially after remote start, when I press the start button to actually drive, it says the key is not present (when of course it is). If it doesn't recognize it right away (which it usually does), it will after a few seconds...

Not a big deal... it's just sort of annoying when those things don't work properly... anyone else having these issues?

JoeSchmoe007 12-09-2010 08:30 AM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
I did have door handle button not work several times, but much less than 25%, maybe 5-7%

I don't have another problem.

IndyBob 12-09-2010 08:34 AM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
So far mine has worked without problems. Both the button on the door and the key fob work fine for me.

stides 12-09-2010 10:26 AM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
I'd replace the fob battery. I know it's new, but it could have been a bad one.

I think that's the first step in troubleshooting anyway.

Technosavant 12-09-2010 11:06 AM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
No problems here. The only thing I can say (beyond replacing the battery in the fob) is that when you push the lock button, do NOT put your hand around the handle. Push the button with your index finger like you're operating an elevator. If you put your hand around it the sensor will think you're trying to open the door and the doors won't lock.

wk2overland 12-11-2010 08:11 AM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
theres a TSB for remote proximity issues causing a no crank situation. should fix it.
had the same problem.

ostroveni 12-12-2010 08:40 PM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
Happened to me twice that I was not able to open the car with the remote. See the thread with my updates:

I have changed the battery and it did not happen again. For me, it always detects the key and I can open the door. I sometimes have problems locking the car. I push the button 2-3 times and it gets locked. It happened once that I got a message on EVIC that key is not recognized whn I pushed the start button.

zer0kid 12-29-2010 03:47 PM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
Happened to my JGC purchased 11/24/10, Limited 3.6. About once a week my key wouldn't work; no buttons on the fob were recognized and using the physical key would unlock the door but not disable the alarm. From there, push button start wouldn't work as the key wasn't detected.

Occurrences became more frequently, to the point where three days went by that the fob didn't work. By this time I learned to carry both keys as the second one never failed.

It took several trips to the dealer to finally remedy. Testing under TSB 08-23-10a showed no faults so the PEM wasn't replaced. Programming a new 5-button fob didn't work (some functions and proximity unlock weren't working). Finally the Service dept contacted Chrysler with the issue and the response was to replace the PEM with no further reason given. After getting the module replaced I ultimately required a new fob as well to work properly. Interesting is that the PEM part number in the TSB has already been superseded by a new one.

xj31 12-30-2010 02:52 PM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
Looks like this might be a problem.I'm a tech at a dealer and I have seen this happen about 4-5 times already.All the cars are past the build date for the PEM flash/replacement.I have seen the evic say "Key Has Left Vehicle" when it didn't,"damaged key",yet it works in the ignition,RKE works and so does remote start.Passive entry won't work,starter button won't either.Pretty sure it's the PEM ,but I haven't done anything since I'm on vacation.If I find out anything,I'll let you know

rdalcanto 12-30-2010 07:54 PM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
Does it make a difference if both keys are in the car at the same time?

plynn7 12-30-2010 10:03 PM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
I am starting to have issues with mine as well. The other night I could not lock or unlock the door from the handle with the key fob in my pocket, but the key fob itself would work, so I left and came back three hours later and the handle now worked. Then tonight I could not get the remote start or the unlock/lock funtion to work from 30 feet away via the key fob, but when I approached and grabbed the handle the doors unlocked. Build date was 10/15:(

xj31 12-31-2010 08:27 AM

Re: Keyless go/lock issues...
I expect a fix will be made soon enough.The problem was supposed to be for vehicles built before 7-29-10 but I have seen it more often on later builds

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