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Danco 12-12-2010 08:27 PM

WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5

I was ready to go buy the Overland Hemi, but after waiting so long for the new RHR to become available, and now with the new wait for saddle to be offered agian without the Summit package, I am getting a little fed up. My lease (X5) is up at the end of Feb, and it now looks like I will not be able to get an overland in time. Therefore, I started looking for other suvs.

My primary use for the vehicle is for my hour long commute. Addittionally, I need the SUV to be very capable in the snow, as I do a lot of snowboarding on the weekends and need to be able to get up the mountains in storms. I will occationally ride on the beach, but do not do any serious off roading.

While I am still hopeing that the saddle restriction will be lifted by the end of the year so I can order the WK2 hemi, I am thinking of the Audi Q5 as an alternative. Does anyone have any experiance with this SUV? Anyone have any opinons on it? Yes, I know it is not a serious off roader.

foggy 12-12-2010 08:34 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
You may get a better answer on the Audi

wk2overland 12-12-2010 08:36 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
a Q5 is not even the same class as an x5, wk2, or even a q7.

that said, i've driven audis all my life and they're great, until the warranty ends. good luck.

joebinotto 12-12-2010 08:39 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
Interesting idea. I never drove an Audi but I liked what I saw online. I may have to test drive one.

PaddysPub 12-12-2010 08:47 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
I certainly agree with the idea that the new GC is NOT in the same category as the Q5. Having said that it IS a very nice vehicle. I recently got one for my fiance as her daily driver. Her lease was up on her Wrangler. For your hour long commute it will be very comfortable for you. I was very impressed with the interior and smooth driving of the Q5. I am curious how it will do in the snow. I'm sure it will be fine for traversing the highways and side streets in the snow. I wouldn't want to take it up in the mountains and rely on it in a snowstorm like in the Rockies but that is why I'm in the market for a new GC for me.

For reference we went with the 2011 3.2 Quattro S line package. Go take one for a test drive and I don't think you will be disappointed. BUT, I refer to my earlier statement that the Q5 is NOT really comparable to the new GC. Nor do I think it is fair to try and compare the two.

Red G8R 12-12-2010 09:37 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
The WK2's poor mileage is the first thing that comes to my mind with your 1 hr daily commute.

Other than that, the Overland will be a very pleasant, quiet ride over the Q5. I don't have a Q5 but I do have an '09 A4 Avant (Q5 is based on this) and my Overland has a smoother, quieter ride than the Audi. The Audi's steering is far superior but for long cruises, you'll be more comfortable in the Overland. The 4 wheel drives on both (with winter tires) will get you through bad weather but the WK2 should do better in the deep stuff especially with the quadra-lift. I thought the A4 Avant could replace my '02 GC Overland but it lacks cargo space and so I got the WK2 Overland for utility and kept the Audi as my "sedan".

As others have said though, they are in different classes and so shouldn't be compared. So, it depends on your priorities. If the Q5's size is adequate and mileage is important, then go with it. If you need space, comfort, towing ability and a mountain goat, then you will love the Overland.

Good luck with your choice....can't go wrong with either.

Curly 12-12-2010 10:10 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
Not to mention the Q5 is a girls car.

wk2overland 12-12-2010 10:11 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
yes. it is.

Bmwister 12-12-2010 10:50 PM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
I was also shopping Q7s and Q5s prior to the WK2 but after several test drives (and an Audi enthusiast/ownership history), I picked the WK2 and I'm a VERY critical individual when it comes to my vehicles. The Q5 with 2.0L and 8spd (the 3.2 is blah) is an attractive package, but for the price of the Q5 (Q7 too..way overpriced) the minor fuel economy hit from the Hemi was worth it for the better cargo and passenger space, quieter ride, heavier-duty 4x4 system and incomparable towing capacity. The WK2 interior and fit/finish is as Audi/Mercedes quality. The Q5 has a confining interior and feels the same. If you value comfort and happiness for rear passengers, then there is no contest between the Q5 and WK2; the WK2 is a world better. Another point of contention is living with the new Audi and its fussy radio and climate controls not to mention the "punch key" ignition. As an admitted fan of Audi, the new models leave me cold for their disfunctional usefulness when driving them. Good luck on whatever you do!

Lingohocken 12-13-2010 01:51 AM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
We were also hot on the Q5 at first. But after a couple of drives and looking long and hard at the soulless Audi interior, the Overland, warts and all, was for us, including my chick, light years better. Remember that historically you might encounter repair woes with the Q5, and the silly German controls make simple adjustments a convoluted chore best left to puzzle lovers.

Nobody likes to wait -- we are, too, and it's frustrating. But if you really prefer the WK2 and don't have to ditch your current ride, the belle of the ball should be worth some added weeks of patience.

Whatever you choose, enjoy it and good luck!

paui4m 12-13-2010 07:20 AM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
My wife picked up a 2011 Q5 a couple months ago.

For reference, it stickered within a couple hundred dollars of my Jeep. It does have quite a few less features for that same money. It has developed a rather annoyed squeak now that it has gotten cold and the power tailgate has also been back to the dealer already (according to one of their forums, this is not uncommon)

That said, the thing feels rock solid... everything from the way the doors close to the way the switchgear feel like they may never develop slop or wear out.

It's definitely a different 'class' of vehicle but it's very nice just the same.

Lingohocken 12-13-2010 10:50 AM

Re: WK2 Overland vs. Audi Q5
No question, the Q5 has better switches. Barney Beancounter ran amok when deciding on the WK2's switch choices.

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