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cobrakillerta 12-13-2010 09:03 PM

Weird noise in front drivetrain
A couple weeks ago a buddy and I replaced the worn out front diff. mount bushings on my WK, which was actually a simple but time consuming job. Afterwards we went for a mild spirited wheeling run down to a nearby beach. We went through some deep water (it was up to the bottom of my doors) several times and everything was fine. Once I accelerated on the pavement I noticed a vibration/buzz in the front end. It only happens when accelerating aggressively in the lower gears from mid to higher RPM's. The noise is an odd buzz which sounds very similar to when the front DS went on my old WJ. The sound hasn't gotten any worse and I haven't noticed any real issues related to it.

Could the salt/sandy water have taken out my front driveshaft joint? Hub bearing? CV axle joints?
Could I have mis-clocked the DS when I put everything back together and that is causing the noise? I wouldn't think it mattered if it was bolted up in the exact same spot.
Could I have gotten water in the diff's or transfer case? I haven't noticed anything else besides the buzzing noise itself so I'd doubt there is water in there.

As far as the DS?
On my previous WJ, the CV joint on the front DS at the axle had taken a dump and I ha it replaced by a local reputable driveshaft shop. It only lasted a little while and disintegrated two more times on me. Finally after 3 joints the owner of the shop said that something untie front axle must be hanging up and causing the CV joint to go. This could be a similar situation. Maybe a hub bearing is bad???

cobrakillerta 12-13-2010 09:04 PM

Re: Weird noise in front drivetrain
So I replaced both upper ball joints and outer tie-rods today and crawled under the truck once again to see if I could find any slack in the drivetrain/ds/axles. I couldn't get to the lower ball joints as it looked like I'd have to take out the wheel bearing to have enough room and I just didn't have the time for that.

Anyways, the harsh rotating noise/vibration is still there under hard accel.
I did find a little bit of slack in the front DS up near the transfer case. If I held the DS in one hand and the joint in the other I could get a VERY slight bit of movement. Which could be why the truck only has the issue/noise under hard accel. As far as the front axles, I really couldn't find any slack there and it was hard to determine as there were too many variables (turning the wheel while trying to eliminate any slack in the diff.)...this is brutal

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