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bluethunderjeep 12-16-2010 11:06 AM

Battery died...
I've read through all the threads on this topic, but I would still like some input.
I replaced my original battery Dec. 2009 with an OEM Mopar, because I got a fair price on it from my parts guy.
Two weeks ago I washed my Jeep, and left the doors and rear hatch open.
Went to start it when finished, and it would not turn over. It wasn't just a click when I turned the key, but it was the sound you get when your starter isn't getting enough voltage to engage the pinion. Boosted it, and let it run, all was well. Monday this week, I was out, arrived back home at 4 PM, parked in front of my garage, locked it with the fob, and left the Jeep outside for the night.
It was 50 degrees Monday night. Went out Tuesday morning, and the battery was so dead, the fob wouldn't even unlock the doors. Boosted it with the wife's car, and fine.
I check the battery Wednesday morning with my meter, it was 11.7V. Started it, and when running, 14.7V.
Checked this morning, 11.8V. Took battery to dealer, told me tested okay, and read 11.8V, but their tester said "recharge battery". So I left it with them to put on their charger to see if would take a charge. The battery has a full replacement warranty, but unless they can find a fault, I'm sol.
Isn't a normal voltage reading on an idle battery around 13V? I checked the battery in my wife's car, and it reads 12.95V.
Everything is stock in terms of electronics, except for the dealer installed Mopar remote start, which was installed in 2006.
Any thought on this would be appreciated;



thex2 12-16-2010 02:38 PM

Re: Battery died...
Sounds like an alternator problem. Have them check that... it should be free to have it checked. Might as well have them test your starter while you're there. I think it's the same device that does them. Post back and let us know what you find out.

EDIT: Did they test your battery under load? If you charge your battery over night and test the voltage in the morning, does the battery show below 12v? If so, you may have a bad cell in the battery. It really depends what kind of battery test was already performed.

bluethunderjeep 12-16-2010 05:02 PM

Re: Battery died...
When I put my voltage meter on the terminals with the engine running, it was 14.7V, which indicates good alternator output?
I drove for twenty minutes Wednesday afternoon, parked it, and checked voltage this morning, (engine not running) 11.8V.
Not sure if they load tested it, I could see the guy about 30 feet away, he had a black "Exide" suitcase, inside was what almost looked like a hand held load tester, which he hooked up to the battery terminals. Another hand held printer type device printed out the reading he showed me which read "tested okay". Needs recharging.

Thanks for your input, thex2!

thex2 12-16-2010 09:35 PM

Re: Battery died...
I've had several different types of battery tests done in the past and I'm not sure which method is the best.

First type: I took my battery to pepboys and they made me unhook the battery and bring it into the store to test. Once it was in their tester, it took 10-15 minutes for the test to fully finish. They told me my battery was good.

Second type: I took my vehicle to a battery wholesaler whose only business is batteries. They tested the battery in less than 5 minutes and didn't require me to take it out of my vehicle. They said the battery was fine. During that testing, they pulled the caps off the battery and tested the acid levels for each cell in the battery (pepboys didn't do this).

I'm pretty sure pepboys load tested it during that 15 minutes of it being hooked up to a machine and having no human input. I don't think the battery wholesaler did a load test. Although, the battery wholesaler did require me to start my vehicle while they had their meter plugged into my battery, so maybe that was their way of testing the battery under load?

Post back once you figure it out.

bluethunderjeep 12-17-2010 08:51 AM

Re: Battery died...
Picked up my battery from the dealer this morning, they left it on their charger overnight, it read 12.7V, which I think is low. They retested it, and the read out said battery is good. The guy told me at one point it read unstable, but he only got that reading once, and it never came back.
I have it back in the Jeep now, and reads 12.5V. They told me if it dies again, to bring it back, and they would contact the Exide rep.
I may go out and pick up one of those battery boost packs for the next time it dies, as I'm sure it will.

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