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Horsefatboynz 12-23-2010 12:53 PM

Shuddering when turning
Hi I have a 2005 5.7 GC and when you reverse or drive forward at low speeds and turn slightly (really bad when cold) you get a bad shudder through the whole vehicle.

Been at dealer and they put some more Mopar additive in the rear diff but no change. When I picked it up the abs and service 4wd/service brake system displays came on when driving it home.....grrr

They are not sure now whether to look in the diff or do these have a viscous hub...any suggestions would be appreciated

Scottina06 12-23-2010 01:20 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
do you feel it moree in the front or rear of the vehicle?

Horsefatboynz 12-23-2010 01:48 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
Its really hard to tell you can feel it through the steering wheel and shudders the whole vehicle, to me feels like diff baulking. I drove aroun for a day so the additive should have worked in to the clutch packs etc

Joe in PA 12-23-2010 05:46 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
I would suggest draining the tcase and both diffs and refilling them with the appropriate lubes to see is it helps.

Marlin 12-23-2010 06:08 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
Is it not just front tire scrub?

The scrub radius on these things is pretty wild and very noticeable when the road is wet.

Horsefatboynz 12-24-2010 01:08 AM

Re: Shuddering when turning
Thanks guys. I have had this Jeep for a week and it is testing my patience.

Now I have the ABS light coming on and the "service 4wd system and electric brakes"

Went back to the dealer and they did a scan. They said the r/f wheel speed sensor was reading 11kms less then the other 3. Drove around all day no problem now tonight the light is back on. Being Xmas and all I can't get it sorted and am planning on towing my jetskis away next week.

I don't think it is tire scrub as its pretty servere and does it when you just slightly turn doesn't have to be on hard lock.

Marlin 12-24-2010 02:57 AM

Re: Shuddering when turning
Ok well noted.
Seems an abs sensor issue. Hope you get it sorted mate.
God bless.

2005grandone 01-02-2011 10:38 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
transfer case fluid sounds like it needs to be changed wj do it bad around 100 k miles

livefortheday2308 01-03-2011 04:52 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
Hey man I had the same problem with my 05 limited. My 4wd light would pop on when i hit a bump in the rain and stuff like that and then one day it popped on and i had that real bad jerky motion in the rear and it turned out to be a bad tire sensor in my left rear that was making the 4x4 system do some weird technical things. So you might check into that and maybe see if that has anything to do with it.

Horsefatboynz 01-03-2011 05:29 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
I put some additive in the front diff but still the same. The oil looks real clean and this Jeep only has 63,000kms (39,000miles) The ABS light goes off and stays off for quite some time at times. I did manage to get a P0585 code out but that seems to be a cruise control code.

Thanks for your help I will keep looking and if I can't find anything will have to drop it at the stealer.

jes_96 01-04-2011 02:36 PM

Re: Shuddering when turning
I had some really nasty crow hop in my 06 Ltd 5.7 when I bought it. Upon further inspection, it was evident the diffs and t-case had never been touched (39k miles). The stealership pulled the 'adding more additive' number on me and it didn't fix a thing. I drained both diffs and refilled with the Redline 75W140 with the friction modifier already in it, then did a drain-and-fill with the Mopar fluid in the t-case. Thing rode like it was on glass rails even with the steering all the way to the stop.

In stark contrast, a buddy of mine had nearly identical symptoms, so he did the same thing I did. Didn't help at all. He took it to a local shop where they hooked it up to some fancy computer doo-hicky and told him the left front speed sensor wasn't functioning properly. He replaced the speed sensor and all was well.

I'm a fairly new Jeep owner. These animals seem to be quite fussy sometimes when diagnosing a problem.

Horsefatboynz 02-07-2011 02:19 AM

Re: Shuddering when turning
The shuddering ended up being the LSD in the rear diff. The dealer put a used diff in it and now it is noisey so back to square one really !!!. They also changed my ABS wheel sensor only to find out it was a pin not making good contact in the plug !!

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