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95_V8_ZJ 01-02-2011 12:00 AM

Info on CAI/Stock
well.. this is a repost from my other Jeep sites... all info in one article.. so let the bash/debate begin...

i NEVER noticed anything from the K&N on my ZJ, so after borrowing one, i just put my stock ZJ box and tubes back on. i never liked the idea of having an open element in the engine bay anyway, but im mainly about performance, and when K&N advertised big gains with their system, i wanted one. i never thought about how they tested them though. on a dyno, with the hood OPEN and a ginourmous fan blolwing at the front of the truck. well...
a lil info about CAIs

and better yet

im not bashing K&N spectre or any other brand, i personally hate all of them and the only thing ill run of K&N are their oil filters for my Impala, Olds, and Saturn.

so what are yalls opinions??

TimmyB 01-02-2011 05:20 PM

Re: Info on CAI/Stock
I like my K&N intake for two reasons, one being I think it looks cool in the engine bay, and second it gives off a nice sound especially in winter it seems. As far as "performance" I wasn't expecting HUGE gains since the manufacturer lists a whopping 7.35 extra HP with it, which is the HP of a lawn mower basically. Now with gas mileage I really do notice a difference when the filter is completely filthy and needs to be cleaned. Plus the cone shape filter does allow more air in compaired to the panel filter, which can't hurt right?

TimmyB 01-02-2011 05:46 PM

Re: Info on CAI/Stock
On my 3.7 WK I removed the plastic duct going from behind the grill to the stock air box, what if that was kept on or another duct type system installed so it blows directly to the new K&N filter? Wouldn't that basically be blowing all the hot air from the engine that got past the crappy K&N metal panel away from the filter? I saw in a parts catalog before where they had a plastic bendable duct for mustangs that went from behind the bottom of the front bumper up into the bay where the aftermarket cone filter was located.

Question, is the temperature reading in the instrument cluster the temp of the air going into the throttle body on my WK? Because that temp reading is usually 7-10 degrees higher than the actual temp it says on my phone useing a weatherbug or similar weather app I downloaded.

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