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Stagefumer11 01-02-2011 03:40 AM

Steering Box Adjustment
I noticed now since having larger wheels/tires. 275x45r20's That there seems to be a fair bit of floaty play in center position.

With my Old skyline i had the same problem, adjusting the steering box. The r30 used a older worm style system and was manual steering.

Can a WJ have its power steer box adjusted in such matter ?, With my last WOF, all tierod ends etc were fine.. So i deffinitly feel it seems to be in the box..

Frango100 01-02-2011 08:36 AM

Re: Steering Box Adjustment
The only adjustment you can make on the steering gear is as written below. But i wonder if it would take out any play in the gear, i think it only increases the rotational torque.

NOTE: Adjusting the steering gear in the vehicle is
not recommended. Remove gear from the vehicle
and drain the fluid. Then mount gear in a vise to
perform adjustments.
(1) Rotate the stub shaft with Socket 8343 from
stop to stop and count the number of turns.
(2) Center the stub shaft by rotating it from the
stop 1/2 of the total amount of turns.
(3) Place torque wrench and Socket 8343 in a vertical
position on the stub shaft. Rotate the wrench 45
degrees each side of the center and record the highest
rotational torque in this range (Fig. 4). This is
the Over-Center Rotating Torque.
NOTE: The stub shaft must rotate smoothly without
sticking or binding.
(4) Rotate the stub shaft between 90 and 180 to
the left of center and record the left off-center preload.
Repeat this to the right of center and record the
right off-center preload. The average of these two
recorded readings is the Preload Rotating Torque.
(5) The Over-Center Rotating Torque should be
0.45-0.80 Nm (4-7 in. lbs.)
higher than the Preload
Rotating Torque.
(6) If an adjustment to the Over-Center Rotating
Torque is necessary, first loosen the adjuster lock
nut. Then turn the pitman shaft adjuster screw back
(COUNTERCLOCKWISE) until fully extended, then
turn back in (CLOCKWISE) one full turn.
(7) Remeasure Over-Center Rotating Torque. If
necessary turn the adjuster screw and repeat measurement
until correct Over-Center Rotating Torque
is reached.

NOTE: To increase the Over-Center Rotating Torque
turn the screw CLOCKWISE.
(8) Prevent the adjuster screw from turning while
tightening adjuster lock nut. Tighten the adjuster
lock nut to 37-52 Nm (27-38 ft. lbs.).

Stagefumer11 01-02-2011 03:57 PM

Re: Steering Box Adjustment
intresting, I found a write up last night for the in car adjustment... Which ill try. Deffinitly taking into account what your posted

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