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mhassler 01-05-2011 07:50 PM

Luxury Group Upgrades
I think I know the answer to this but figured I would ask anyway.

Does anyone know the feasibility of adding options contained within the Luxury Package to an existing WKII?

I bought a Limited off the lot through a DX and it had what I wanted with the exception of the Overland Wheels (which I can buy from MOPAR or perhaps trade with someone... hint, hint, hint) and the Luxury Package. I didn't have the option of waiting around for a new order from Jeep and I didn't want an Overland (don't like the interior wood color or wood wheel), so I bought the Limited - which I love!

But, I would love it even more if it were possible to add a heated steering wheel and a power liftgate (not liftglass). I can't imagine these being extremely difficult, expensive perhaps but not difficult. I would also like a power/tilt telescoping steering wheel. I have to imagine that is the most difficult of all. I am not really interested in ventilated seats.


bpmcgee 01-05-2011 08:06 PM

Re: Luxury Group Upgrades
The power lift gate has all kinds of components.

At its most simple, if the wiring harness is correct at the top of the back hatch, you should be able to provide power to the lift motor. But actually getting it to lift is much more of a challenge:

1. Inside button in cargo area. Clearly this would need the button and the cargo area inside cover panel. Presuming the harness is already extended to this spot, you may not need to program the chassis control module.

2. Front button by the rear view mirror. This would need either a new plastic bezel with the correct number of button, or if there's a blank there, just the button assembly. I'm guessing this might require chassis control module programming.

3. Key fob. Obviously, you need a new fob for this. And definitely programming of the remote entry module.

4. Outside hatch handle. If you just unlatch, it triggers the auto open feature. I don't know if this behavior is built into the lifter or the latch.

I don't know, dude. I'm guessing a fully operational power lift gate is going to be tough. Even assuming that the harnesses have been extended to the right spots, which is NOT certain if the power lift gate isn't available for your trim level.


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