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FlyinRyan 01-06-2011 04:59 PM

Here we go again- 4.7 NA build in the making
I swore I wouldn't buy another Dodge/Jeep again, but like a song of the sirens I cant resist it anymore lol. I've always wanted a dakota and after alot of thinking (and pending a test drive) I have decided I'll buy one. I'm currently looking for an 02-04 with LOW miles in RC/5spd form, and going from there.

This is going to be a weekend driver/playtoy for me, but ultimately it will be set up for street/strip.

My goal is 300+whp w/ stock bottom end. I'd like that to equate to low 13's in the 1/4 on slicks. It's a lofty goal but I think with the right parts it can happen. Here is the tentative plan for now:

4.7/5spd/RC/2wd Dakota (3700-3800 lbs??)
Exhaust: Headers (I wanted Stan's until I found out they are for 4x4s only ) into 2.5" duals w/ H pipe, into Magnaflow 4x14 round mufflers or Aero 2525's, possibly dumped after the transmission/under the bed (need to look into where to route exhaust for least resonance), all ceramic coated and then wrapped with DEI exhaust wrap
Intake: 4" Insulated piping

Killian/FRP Heads (possibly with big valves)
Crane springs
Thermal coating

Cams: Something along the lines of a 212X would be ideal for the kind of power I'm looking to make and also what I'll be using the truck for, but I dont really want to be messing around with lash caps and all that BS. Unless I feel like spending the extra $$$ on billets, I'll likely get by with HOs. They're easy to tune and a little easier to find around than the regrinds.

Manifold: 08 manifold, insulated and port-matched
I'm gonnna have to buy those Air Ram adapters again, and port them too.
Throttle Body will be a ported/bored F&B 72mm.

Also going to run meth to try to run a hair more timing/cooler IATs.

Any thoughts?

FlyinRyan 02-04-2011 08:12 PM

Re: Here we go again- 4.7 NA build in the making

soontobesrt 02-06-2011 02:42 PM

Re: Here we go again- 4.7 NA build in the making
Is it really possible to run lows 13s with 300whp weighing in at say 3700lbs?

Definitley a very high goal but hey why not shoot up there I guess, run as fast as you can afford I guess. How bad would a build be on the old 5.2L/5.9L Magnum versus the newer 4.7 HO motor? I dont know much about them but Ive heard the old 5.9L with headers/cat-back and the sound mean lol.

With nice body work and wheels they can look pretty sweet too haha. Like this maybe?:

or something diesel? :)

cool read -

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