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readingbabelfish 01-07-2011 07:59 PM

Pros and cons of lifting my jeep
I would like pros and cons if lifting my 07 gc. If I do lift it, I want 265/70/17 tires. Wheel spacers a con, higher center of gravity, less fuel efficiency, poor v6 performance, esp out of whack, alignment problems, spare tire stock size? What are your ideas?

BAH101 01-07-2011 10:52 PM

Re: Pros and cons of lifting my jeep
Wheel spacers: I went with AEV Pintlers with a 5.3 back spacing, so I cannot answer anything about the spacers. Slight bit of rub in the back of the front wells, but only in reverse.
Higher center of gravity: The backspacing of the wheels gives it a bit of a wider stance, and it is an OME HD lift, so it is not to high, havent noticed any problems.
Less fuel efficency: A bit, about 1mpg difference but I have a CRD.
Poor V6 porformance: No, but then again it is a CRD.
ESP out of whack: nope, and everything I have read so far is not too many people have had problems with an under 4" lift. Over 4" AEv sells a module that will adjust for it.
Alignment problems: None noted, I also installed the upgraded JBA UCS's at the same time. They are suppose to correct for alignment problems.
Spare tire stock size: 265/70/17's Wrangler silent armours will fit fully inflated with the hitch removed. I am modifying my hitch attachment so hopefully I can squeeze my spare up there afterwards.
Other than that, the WK looks awesome. This is how it should have looked straight from the factory. The mall crawlin soccer mom appearance is gone. Lot better ground clearance and the ride is great.
Hope this helps.

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