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LonghornSpencer 07-27-2009 02:59 PM

My Jeep at ArmDropLive...Kennedale
My experience this and video to follow. I brought the camara with me and forgot the cord to load them

1st thing...It was a BLAST!
2nd thing...300+ cars/bikes...1 class of 32, 2 classes of 16. Bikes/ATV's and cars all ran together
3rd thing...I got in one of the 16 classes to run for $2K
4th thing...MOST IMPORTANT. JB and Wade were there for me via text or phone every time I needed them. The Jeep was running strong but had a hard time staying running, even died and would not start at the lights on Friday night, pretty late to. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST

Friday night was the open test and tune, where I did run my Personal Best time. See this thread for more info...

They wanted everyone to make 3 "qualifying passes" prior to the "show". My 3 times were across the board:
1st Pass around 8PM with 45 minutes of cooling time. Outside temp was 98*
8.001...lots of tire spinning (not much of a way around the water box)
1.75 60'
2nd Pass at 11:04PM, outside temp was 74*
7.589 at 93.7mph
1.64 60'
We were supposed to start at 3PM but due to extreme heat (104*) the track temp was 158* so we waited until 7PM to make some "test passes"
Found out at 9PM that I made the "SHOW"! Cool feeling, they had us report to staging lanes and Rich, Brian and the rest of the team came through to meet each racer in the field and discuss their ride, nice guys!
3rd and 4th passes back to back at 7:15PM with 101* temp
7.800 and 7.803
4th pass...on Rich Christensen's ArmDrop
No time posted but I won the race!

Talking to some of the cars in my field about what they had been running the 2 close to me ran 7.62 and 7.71 so I did not feel bad but not to good about my chances at winning either. However with the way it ran under a complete cool down if I ran the 7.59 then it should be good.

I lost to the eventual winner of the field 'cause I left late on Rich's armdrop, but at least I lost to the winner.

Don't forget the engine is still new, running pretty rich, and really damn good email tune, so I got some room to lower those times.


Robert Palmer 07-27-2009 03:13 PM

Re: My Jeep at ArmDropLive...Kennedale
Cool beans bro! Can't wait for the pics and vids!!!

Scottina06 07-27-2009 05:08 PM

Re: My Jeep at ArmDropLive...Kennedale
cool man!

B.P.O.D 07-28-2009 10:06 AM

Re: My Jeep at ArmDropLive...Kennedale
pics pics pics!!!

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