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08Hemi 07-29-2009 01:35 PM

OK so i got my flat tire replaced and now have all four of my wheels back on. I had my tires rotated and now I have a couple questions about the TPMS:

1. Please tell me how I can tell the difference b/t the basic and premium TPMS systems, and how do i know which one my Jeep has (08 Ltd 5.7 almost all options)??

2. According to the manual (the explanation in the book says the same this 5 times WTF) the premium system will auto recognize where the tires are and will adjust accordingly. What is the easiest way to check which tire is where without filling up the tires or deflating them (all are exact reading and I do not have access to nitro)??

3. Is there a way to reset the tires locations with respects to the computer? I have a feeling that they are not matched up with the heads-up display (ie the computer is showing the drivers side front tire as low but it is really the passenger side rear)

Any help/info with this is greatly appreciated! Thank you

mjl2610 07-29-2009 02:12 PM

Re: Tpms
Basic system will let you know when there is a low tire pressure. It will display an icon on your dash indicating so. It will go away when all tires including spare are at or above the appropriate level. You dont know what tire is low however.

The premium system, the one i have, will display in the EVIC a little picture of your Jeep with numbers at each corner of the picture. These of course indicate all four tires pressure level. When it is low it will ding flash the pressure in psi or kpa and indicate "Right Rear Pressure LOW" for example. When the spare is low, It will indicate "Spare Tire LOW" but not give a number pressure if the spare is low.

My system will automatically retrain the tire sensors if the tires are rotated. It will know which one is which.

To retrain sensors... i only know how to do it on my mothers 03 WJ limited. It might be a similar process however. You have to go into the evic and select retrain tire sensors. You have to get a round magnet to train them. Once you hit yes to retrain, it will prompt you to train each sensor ie: "left front". HOld the magnet over the sensor then the evic will beep twice and then display which one to train next. When it is complete it will beep again saying training complete. I dont know if this is the same way for the new Jeeps but i hop this helps somone with the older models too


08Hemi 07-29-2009 02:57 PM

Re: Tpms
Thanks I have determined that I DO have the premium system as it does display the actual tire pressure reading.

Can anyone else "chime in" if they know a way to retrain the TPMS sensors? It is weird that that info is not in the with the premium system they should automatically know where each tire is after you rotate the tires???...maybe thats why there is nothing in the manual about reseting tire locations!

NHWK05 07-29-2009 07:03 PM

Re: Tpms
Any decent tire shop can re train the sensors or the dealership can do it. You should not have to re train them after a rotation though.

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