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dhryan44 01-20-2011 01:21 PM

De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Hey everyone. Im wanting to de-badge my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee..I'm needing some help on how i can do it and not mess up my jeep that bad..plz help:)

mhassler 01-20-2011 02:05 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
I don't have a 2004 but on other cars i've had you can heat up the badge with a hair dryer and usually pull it off with your fingers. Then, get a can of 3M adhesive remover and clean the glue from the area.

Again, I don't have a 2004 WJ but the letters and such should just be stuck on with adhesive.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

mrjaydeeone 01-20-2011 06:36 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
What mhassler said sounds about right. When I have debadged in the past I have heated up the emblems with a hair dryer and used some fishing line to cut through the adhesive. Then use some adhesive remover to clean away the residue. Also should wax the areas that had the emblems on them, as the elements will be new to them as they have been covered for the last 7 years.

dhryan44 01-20-2011 10:44 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
ooh hell yeah thats smart for the wax i wouldn't have thought of that

DAVY27 01-20-2011 10:54 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

DGoral31 01-20-2011 11:41 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
its easy ... just put a fishing cord behind it and pull it through cutting the sticky stuff behind it. then when its all off use some stuff to take off the adhesive. done and done. and if you want to make it a little easier, put a blow dryer or a hot air gun to the emblems to soften the glue

vman_86 01-23-2011 10:42 AM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
i plan on using some tough fishing line and a hair dryer, some goo gone most likely will be necessary to remove any extra adhesive...

please note: your jeep has some age to it so you most likely will have to work some magic blending/buffing/coating etc. to get paint to match

years in the sun fades the paint a bit and once you remove the badges you will most likely see a difference in the paint...just a heads up

uniquetreatone 08-03-2011 05:44 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Bumping this thread because I just did this today. I had the bug deflector shield on for years & finally took it off today & the part it was covering looked horrible. The letters under it was faded so I decided to take them off. I don't know if it was the humidity since it was about to rain or what but they practically just peeled off with just my fingers. By the way,I really thought the lettering was metal not the spongy material that it was. After I got them off I used some goo b gone then I used a wash mitt & some citrus wash. Then I used the maguiars color correction kit & topped it off with some BFWD. Decided to take all the letters off since it was so easy but of course the very last letter was a pain in the a**. I had to use a plastic puddy spreader I had laying around. Of course then the rain began but it came out pretty good & I'm happy with the results.

KustomRider8 08-03-2011 06:13 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Hairdryer and fishing line! Heat up the badge/emblems and slide in the fishing line to "slice" the adhesive off. You may have some adhesive and residue left afterwards but nothing a little goo be gone can't take care of.

DaBigBone 08-03-2011 07:24 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Mine was out in the sun for a couple hours. All I did was use a flathead screwdriver with a cloth over the tip to pull up one corner. After that I just pulled them off by hand. Literally took me 10 minutes for the whole car.

Tonyg41 08-15-2011 05:19 AM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
When I had my hummer, I was able to debadge it with fishing line you run under the 3m adhesive and then just goo gone the residue.

bumpin_jeep 09-29-2011 08:56 PM

Re: De-badge Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
I waited months to do mine because I live in a condo and don't have a 100' extension cord. One day I said f*** it and used some wood shims I had to get under the corners and they came right off. I had to use some goo-gone to get the residue off, but otherwise it turned out fine. After doing it I realized how incredible simple it was and can't believe I didn't do it earlier.

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