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BobSgt 01-21-2011 04:55 PM

Oil Pressure/Cam Bearing question
I am looking to buy a used Jeep Grand Cherokee.

A mechanic has warned me that the 2000-2001 engines supposedly had a new head design where low oil pressure is an indication of a cam bearing problem.

I have heard of oil pressure problems due to sludge build up. Does anyone know of a problem as described above?

The used jeep I was looking at was noted to have low oil pressure with the warning light coming on when coming to a stop, but going away on acceleration. They said that a mechanic gave it a clean bill of health, that it was a sensor problem. Hmmm, should I believe that one?

xj31 01-23-2011 09:13 AM

Re: Oil Pressure/Cam Bearing question
The best thing would be to actually test the oil pressure.I can tell you from experience,it sounds like a bad oil pressure switch or sensor.I assume its a 4.7,and it actually has oil in it.As far as the head being different,I am a tech at a Jeep dealer for the last 24 years and that is news to me.Usually low oil pressure will be accompanied by valve train noise.And by the way,oil pressure spec @ idle is 7 psi if it is a 4.7

BobSgt 01-27-2011 06:46 AM

Re: Oil Pressure/Cam Bearing question
Thanks very much for the response. Especially regarding the consistent design on the heads. It seemed peculiar to me that someone would site head problems only for 2001-2 Jeep engines. I did not understand why a proven engine would get a mid-life head design change (epa standards maybe).

I opted not to buy the 2001 Laredo 4.7 and went for a used 1999 Cherokee with a 4.0. Higher milage but a solid car and $1200 less expensive.

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