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spice2728 01-25-2011 03:27 PM

P0750 code for 04 Jeep Laredo
My engine light has been on for some time (teenager driving it), went to Auto Zone and they gave me the 0750 code. I've been reading other sites, no limp mode going on or stalling at stops. I've noticed a noise outside the car when running and the idoling seems to be running low going from park to drive. Don't have any other issues besides the fact the windows and door locks aren't working and the interior lights are very dim at night. I've read on that issue and it's been very common for the wires in the door to go bad. This happened over a year ago and had it fixed for about $175, but it pays to research first! Can both of these issues be related in some way, or could someone pinpoint which item is faulty or whether disconnecting the battery is a good idea.

violant00 01-25-2011 05:41 PM

Re: P0750 code for 04 Jeep Laredo
Shift Solenoid circuit.
Note: If code P1767 (Transmission Relay Always On) is also present: Replace transmission solenoid assembly. See note provided. When transmission is in limp mode the relay that provides power to the solenoid group is switched off. This is normal and is designed to provide operation in one gear only.
Engineering department suggests to replace transmission solenoid assembly anytime these two trouble codes occur together. See applicable service manual section (21) for solenoid assembly replacement directions. IMPORTANT: When performing this repair always check torque on all valvebody accumulator cover plate screws. Proper torque specification is 70 inch pounds. If any accumulator cover plate screws are damaged or missing replace the valvebody assembly. NOTE: If any other trouble codes are present do not replace solenoid assembly. See test in the applicable Transmission Diagnostic Procedures Manual.

Frango100 01-25-2011 08:42 PM

Re: P0750 code for 04 Jeep Laredo
The problem with a broken wire in the drivers door rubber boot is something what happens more often. Normally the windows donīt work, the driver door doesnīt lock/unlock and the interior lights stay on. This problem should not have to do anything with the check engine light or the P0740 DTC. Next time when your check engine light comes on, you can safe you the trip to any garage and check the fault code yourself. You just switch the ignition switch on/off for 3 consecutive times and leave it in on after the third time. The odometer will show DONE when no faults, or any fault code.
Regarding the noise outside, any abnormal noise which was not there before? What does it sound like and from which position? Can you hear it inside the car when driving?

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